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The Fruit Route, better known as the Langkloof, lies in the valley between the Kamanasie and Kouga mountains in the north, and the Outeniqua- Langkloof and Tsitsikamma mountains in the south. This area, which stretches along the valley for more than 160km, used to be the home ground of Bushmen and Gonagua Hottentots. The Langkloof boasts many activities, including 4x4, Horse Riding, Trekking, Fishing, visiting farms and Helicopter rides. The ideal behind a custom knife is the creation of something superior in its design, choice of materials, and the execution of its construction. Des’s choice of dentistry as a profession, gunsmithing as a hobby, and shooting as a sport, fine tuned his attention to detail and the quest for perfection.
A knifemaker carries the responsibility to extract the very best from the materials made available to the customer and to bring them together in a knife which is both an investment and a practical tool.
Thirty years of constant development has led Des to fine tune every aspect of his hand made knives, from the precision folder mechanisms, the choice of flawless materials for handles and frames, to the selection of the finest steels for the blades and their correct heat treatment. Each component is machined, finished and meticulously fitted by hand in a spirit of craftsmanship and aesthetics rarely seen in a mass-production world. Des’s knives are a unique blend of rare and exotic materials, high in investment value, with mechanisms and blades that are at the forefront of the technological envelope. A knife is first and foremost a working tool, and a custom knife, whether practical, collectable or artistic in its nature should support this principle. My interest in knives began at the age of 6 when I began carving knives out of timber from old Tomato crates.

In 1985 I built my first machines and started crafting my first knives using K110 and Bohler N685.
Recently I also started making folders and I am still trying to come to terms with the intricacies of folders.
Today it is the second largest fruit production area in South Africa - specialising in apples and pears, with many other varieties of fruit also grown.
Kontak vir Tinus Nortje by Tinus Nortje Eiendomme vir verkoop van plase en kleinhoewes in die Suidkaap en Klein Karoo.
At a practical level Des co-designed and manufactured the Hawk pistol and as an expert marksman represented South Africa in many disciplines of shooting. Testament to this is the collaborative work Des has done with Purdey in creating a knife worthy of their name. Hours spent skinning, slaughtering and processing my kill allowed me to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into a good knife that allowed for a keen edge and solid feel to the instrument. Since then I have progressed to using Sandvic 12C27 Bohler N690 with various natural materials such as Ivory, various animal bone and tusks and other composites making up the handles.
Here I have found a group of knife makers who continually encourage and help one to learn new skills and tricks. Being a perfectionist I place great emphasis on the finish and spend a lot of time on detail.
The Reverend was totally against alcohol, and one of his conditions for the community was that no alcohol was to be sold within the town.

More recently another collaboration with internationally recognised designer, Professor Marc Newson, has seen all of the principles being brought together in their limited edition series. Each blade undergoes a sub-zero quench in liquid nitrogen after hardening and then a double temper.
Currently I still work full-time while plying my trade part-time but hope to retire soon and then make knives full-time. I make a range of knives, including hunters skinners, three different type of lock-blade mechanisms for the folders, carving knife sets, steak knife sets, biltong knives and any custom requests.
This law still applies today, although the town is much larger and therefore there are "watering holes" in the town.
This results in the blade having a hardness of between 61 and 63 Rockwell C, with unsurpassed sharpness, optimal edge-holding ability and toughness.
Handle materials include: South African hardwoods, bone, horn, warthog tusk, micarta and certain types of plastic materials.
My father was overly cautions, took my knife and placed it in the kitchen drawer for safe keeping!

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