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Supported already by heavy hitters such as Ummet Ozcan, Deniz Koyu and Kryder, Death Star builds into a rolling record with a difference as a meaty kick drum couples up with a stab-lead, which is instantly identifiable. Mixing cascading synths and propulsive beats together into a potent concoction, Styline showcases a brand-new silhouette of his production renaissance. Beat Trax is a social media platform to highlight and review various DJa€™s and their work. Lunde Bros make their Sosumi Debut with the House influenced dancefloor destroyer a€?Death Stara€™.

In a world of music that is starting to sound very familiar, the brothers from Sweden deliver an awesome stand out record, perfect for the label that stands out amongst the rest! The latter part of the track pays homage to the progressive stab sounds that made, and still makes progressive house one of the most emotional and uplifting genres. Artists can submit their work to us for review and one of our bloggers will listen to it and write a blurb promoting it.
This coupled with the hard-hitting percussion and bang up to date sounds makes for another incredible record from the worlds leading free dance music label.

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