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Pigmentation shows up on the skin as excessive coloration on the form of darkening of the skin, either in patches, whole or just spots. The skin becomes yellow during jaundice because of the excess bile present in the blood and body tissue.
Even due to normal changes in the body like pregnancy or menopause, dark brown spots appear predominantly on the face. Deficiency of certain nutrients in the body like deficiency of iron, calcium, vitamin A + E and B complex also causes pigmentation. A concentrated Vitamin E treatment can be made by splitting open a vitamin E 2001U capsule and mixing it in 1 teaspoonful of sesame oil and applying the contents on pigmented skin. There are certain precautions and suggestions to be followed for erasing pigmentation marks. If your complexion is dull and pale, and has lost the glow, supplement Vitamin A or include plenty of carrots and green leafy vegetables in your diet. In leukoderma, where there is a loss of pigment due to imperfection of the skin tone, nutritional deficiencies or use of photosensitizing cosmetics, a home-made recipe using a mixture of olive oil, mint and basil (tulsi) juice can be of help.
Oil of Berganot, available at perfume raw material stores, when applied on the white patches before going out in the sun, can help darken the skin.
With a hectic lifestyle and more intakes of processed foods, most people do suffer from indigestion at one point or the other. Peppermint oil makes its way not only in aromatherapy candles but also in your medicines that claim to soothe your digestive system. Peppermint oil is proven to have cooling effects on your digestive system, making it a topmost remedy for curing various digestive ailments in a natural way. Drink 7-8 glasses of water a day and also replenish your electrolyte balance by adding powdered electrolytes to it. For constipated patients, adding more bulk is essential for an easy passage of your stools.
All these tips are guaranteed to show you a significant change and relief in your indigestion problems. Researchers disagree about exactly how much water you should be drinking, so just pay attention to your body's cues. You've had a good night's sleep, a treasure topped only by the chance to awaken leisurely as the morning sun streams in through your bedroom window.
It occurs mainly due to some external factors and the malfunctioning of endocrine glands and the liver. To understand the problem of pigmentation, we need to understand the association with it internally.

A brownish pigmentation is also observed when the skin absorbs colours of compound chemicals. This occurs due to the incapacitation of the liver or due to the appearance of an obstruction in the bile- tract. Overexposure to sun-rays: The UV-A and UV-B rays of sunlight can harm the skin’s cellular mechanism, making it thick, dry and coarse. Use of spurious cosmetics: Many low quality, colored make-up products contain certain pigments which cause patchy pigmentation. Oral medication: Many birth control pills have an adverse effect on the skin, since they play havoc with the body’s hormonal system and can cause spot pigmentation on the skin. An equal mixture of fresh potato juice, lemon juice and cucumber juice made into a batter with oatmeal and applied on pigmentation area every morning before bath and left to dry is a good but slow remedy for bleaching pigmentation marks. Take 2 tablespoonfuls of skimmed milk powder and add to it 5 ml of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of honey.
Caress, a cream available, contains high concentration of vitamin E, which also helps prevent pigmentation. Take a quarter of papaya pulp and mix 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey.
Take 1 tablespoon of crushed barley and mix ? teaspoonful of lemon juice and 1 teaspoonful of honey. Make some pineapple pulp, carrot pulp and add a little kaolin (white mud) to make a thick paste. I had seen dermatologist but the treatment didnt bring any significant or even noticable change in the condition.
It is loaded with lactobacilli (the good bacteria) that strengthen the digestive system, and helps digestion go on smoothly. Studies show that regularly including a teaspoon of fennel seeds in your diet keeps digestive problems at bay. That’s why it becomes essentially important to mind your eating habits, especially when it comes to digestive problems. Eat fruits and vegetables raw whenever possible and opt for whole grain foods instead of milled ones. Always remember that following a healthy lifestyle with a complete diet will keep you away from almost all digestive and excretory problems. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. As you stretch your arms and legs and decide finally to roll out of bed, you relish this perfect morning -- until you get a whiff of your own breath, that is.

When you sleep, you produce less saliva than when you're awake (and therefore eating, drinking and speaking). When melanin production is affected due to unhealthy or damaged skin cells, it causes pigmentation. Regular use of nasal drops gives a grayish silver color to the skin due to the absorption of excess quantities of silver present in them. Cosmetics containing mercury compounds also react adversely with melanin of the skin, resulting in pigmentation.
Home treatment for pigmentation also involves vegetable peeling of outer corneal layer of cells which slough off, giving rise to new un-pigmented skin. Maybe that’s why our grandmas still help themselves to a spoonful of yogurt with every meal.
Your body loses a lot of water during diarrhea, which disturbs the osmotic balance, which in turn may lead to several major disorders.
You can manage your fiber content in a day by easily putting together a garden salad with fresh cucumbers, carrots, onions and capsicum. Also, its antibacterial properties protect the gastro intestinal tract from various infections. Alternatively, you can also mix a pinch of ginger powder with a small lump of jiggery and eat it before meals to aid digestive relief. Zinc oxide is an effective sunblock and is incorporated in many sunscreen and sunblock preparations for protection.
Vitamin E-based food products like wheat germ, barley, evening primrose, almond meal can be used as a constituent in any face- pack.
Loaded with vitamins and minerals, they nourish your digestive tract and boost immunity, warding away all sorts of digestive troubles. You need plenty of saliva because it helps clean your mouth; it's naturally antibacterial, and it washes away food particles.
Banish morning breath by brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue and rinsing with mouthwash.
You also could stimulate saliva production by sucking on a mint or chewing gum, but these are only temporary solutions.

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