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After four years of each person sharing things they were grateful for on Thanksgiving, I decided to change things. All pictures haven’t previously been seen on the blog and were taken in Colorado this August. I am also grateful for Anna’s joyful yet steady, levelheaded personality that allows her to remain calm and encouraging even in difficult situations.
I’m grateful Jesse has a love and concern for the unborn and unloved which is reflective of our Lord’s heart. I am two days behind in seeing this post, but still wanted to say how THANKFUL I am for the Maxwell family. How does one adequately express their feelings to the One Who gave His life for ours to save us from hell?

Not only has he tremendously helped my business, but he has also coached many other business owners—helping them to be very successful. Although I often hear her talking about what the Lord has been doing in her life, she also shows it with her heart to serve, memorize Scripture, and pray. She recognizes opportunities and is quick to jump in and assist with whatever may be going on. She is always willing to help, and sometimes that means sacrificing what she would most like to do.
Whether it’s a kind word, positive outlook, lending a cheerful hand, or just sharing Jesus—Mary has a very soft spot of love that touches everyone she’s around. She determinedly jumps into opportunities whether difficult, tedious, easy, or enjoyable with her whole heart.

I am thankful to all of you for the ongoing encouragement and support you offer through your books, tapes, conferences, blogs, monthly newsletters etc…Your love of God has personally helped me with my spiritual walk.
Reading your blog posts and viewing the photos are such an inspiration to me (and I’m certain to many others also).

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