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In Titus 2 Paul tells Titus to teach the various groups in the church, including young and old, men and women, husbands and wives, and slaves and masters.
Human history is filled with prejudice and oppression, and we ourselves are a part of that story.
We all people need to turn back to God and acknowledge Him that He is our Loving Almighty God and He will heal our land. Each download option includes a title slide and two content slides.When Grace Appeared also allows download of the slides as JPEG images using the Image Pack Option. PastorGraphics Graphic Membership subscribers can download When Grace Appeared immediately!

Sometimes it feels like other people are treated better because of who they know, what they have, or how they look.
The Gospel of salvation does not prefer any class of people, but belongs to anyone who places their whole hope in the Lord. Spend some time in prayer asking the Lord to help you to see how you tend to prefer some classes of people to others. This is a hard thing to experience, and it might lead you to ask, does God play favorites too? As you consider God’s love for all kinds of people, pray that He would give you a similar heart to love others as He has loved you.

As you consider the eternal hope that you have through faith ask the Lord to give you a desire to share that hope with others.

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