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Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. Do I conduct myself in a respectable manner (without gossip, self-indulgence and disrespect)?
Do I willingly serve as a helpmeet to my husband, praying for him, encouraging his leadership, and knowing that he is called to love me sacrificially as well?
We welcomed Shona Murray to the site last week to share one of her funny series posts about her pregnancy. Enjoy this Q&A as Shona shares about giving birth in America and offers wisdom for today’s mom-to-be.
It is agony to think that any and so many are disposed of by our “enlightened” Western culture. You do have the option of community midwife delivery, if your case is deemed uncomplicated. In the hospital setting, the midwife members of the Medical team do the deliveries unless there are complications, such as second stage delay requiring instrumental intervention, like a forceps delivery, or in the case of C- sections (elective or emergency). Expectant mothers are overwhelmed with information and are in danger of considering pregnancy to be an illness. Pregnancy is a moneymaking industry and we need to be aware that an anxious expectant mother is a marketer’s dream.
As Christians we need to seek a biblical balance and take every lawful means to preserve life. Children remained children longer, were generally more sociable, happy, and hugely creative because they were not overscheduled and hot-housed in a colorful noisy plastic jungle. Q: How would you encourage younger women who are pregnant to trust the Lord in an atmosphere that seems to have so many different opinions and philosophies?
Murray: Is avoiding pain relief, medical intervention, and going all out “natural”, avoiding C-section at all costs etc., about your being in control, rather than God? Filter what you read about pregnancy, contraception, and having babies through the lens of God’s Word, not the latest idea in fashion.
Q: What advice would you have given your younger self now that you’ve been through several pregnancies and are pregnant now? Q: Have you struggled with anything (fears, anxiety, etc.) regarding this pregnancy and if so, how have you fought it?

Every expectant mother worries at times about the “what ifs?” I am not immune to that, but I have found that rest and trying to keep a normal routine with my other kids has helped me focus on the here and now. You, too, can help support the ministry of CBMW. We are a non-profit organization that is fully-funded by individual gifts and ministry partnerships.
About CBMWFounded in 1987, CBMW is the flagship organization for the complementarian movement. Heartlight Christian Powerpoint background of Titus 2:13 -- We wait for the blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Except where noted, scripture quotations are taken from the Easy-to-Read Version © 2001 by Bible League International. We are to live sensibly and according to the godliness that salvation and grace have bestowed upon us.
Do I seriously undertake the daily responsibility of raising these little souls up in the nurturing and admonition of The Lord?
What so few realize is that it is humanity’s darkest days when the feeblest of the human race are exterminated in their mothers’ wombs. What are a few things that concern you about today’s environment for pregnancies and births?
More seriously, the emphasis shifts from God’s overseeing of the developing child to everything depends on us. Christians need to avoid the danger of idolizing modern medicine, but also that of idolizing everything natural. I believe we have forgotten the sad reality of high maternal, neonatal, and infant mortality of bygone days.
We are bombarded with the latest must-haves, to ensure this baby is the next Einstein, walks early, talks early, eats solids at the right time, avoids germs, is not allowed to cry (hence the plethora of soothing gadgets, swings, bouncers etc.) and never gets bored. Or are you open to His leading whichever way that may take you in the interests of your own, your baby’s and your family’s lives.
We realize more than ever that while we can do much for our children, God alone can work savingly in the heart. Your contribution will go directly toward the production of more gospel-centered, church-equipping resources.
CBMW exists to help Christians and churches discover God’s good plan in Christ for men, women, families, and congregations.

Even those who do not have children or are single are instructed by the character of these words. Yet, information overload means that many expectant mothers are overly anxious during these months. If the outcome is good, we did it, if bad; we are responsible, regardless of how well we took care of ourselves.
As Christians we need to remind ourselves that God gives life, preserves life and secures whatever outcome. He knows my fears, and He knows how to take care of us both through these months and the delivery. I prefer to dwell on the fact that God has given me a precious gift and He will take care of us both throughout this. However, God has rolled that stone away, thanks to His own great care in teaching me how to take more care of myself than I previously did. The principles of childrearing are the same, but ultimately I need His daily help and blessing. I love that it was important and necessary for it’s day and that it’s highly relevant for us now as well. Everything from what you eat to what you do, are under scrutiny, largely due to media hype e.g.
This has been through the means of His encouraging Word, my dear husband, my children’s help, and medication.
I love that, taken in context of the rest of the book and in the Bible as a whole, it is a picture of mutual submission and servanthood. I think the main difference has been the fact that my other children are independent and able to help me so much, because they are older.
I love that it is the grace of God that brings us salvation and instructs us in godly living.

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