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The simple advice she gave us was that for every worry or fear or heartache that arises, take it to God.
If you are blessed to have someone in your life like this, treasure that relationship, open your ears, be attentive and glean the wisdom God has for you through this older godly woman. Perhaps you have tried to use material that may work for some churches but your church or ministry has a very different volunteer base, skill set, and logistics than where you’ve seen it work before.
The MOM Initiative is here to help YOU tailor a Titus 2 Mentoring Ministry specifically for YOUR church and to help you reach out in YOUR community in a very unique way through mentoring moms both inside your church and in your community. Mentoring matters! It makes a difference in the lives of those who are mentored as well as those who do the mentoring.
That’s not an indictment on single moms, but it is a cultural cry for help and a huge opportunity for the CHURCH to be the CHURCH in the lives of moms! We mentor moms knowing that if we can reach the moms of this generation, we can reach the heart of the next generation.

Would you take a few short minutes and discover how YOU don’t have to take your mom journey alone and how you can impact your community and this culture for Christ through the power of missional mentoring? By the way, I’d LOVE to come share with your church or ministry about how YOU can begin a TAILOR-MADE MENTORING MINISTRY that will not only help you minister to moms in your church, but reach those sweet moms in your community, as well. If you’d like to have me come speak at your next event and share BROKEN NO MORE, TITUS 2 with a TWIST, WHEN GOD IS SILENT, MORE, A TALE of TWO MOTHERS, LEADING the WAY, or if you’d like me to meet with your Women’s Ministry and help you tailor a TITUS 2 ministry for your church or ministry,  I’d love to hear from you. Get a FREE copy of "Getting It Together" sent right to your inbox when you join our mailing list!
The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition. Whether you’re married, single, or widowed – whether your an expectant mom, a mom of a toddler, a mom of a teen, a mom of an adult child or somewhere in between, we are here for YOU!
In a child’s development, a playhouse not only provides a great place for fun games, but also can help your kids to express their creativity.

She is an author and a popular speaker who helps women live full, fearless and faithful lives.
Building a backyard playhouse for your kids is the best options, […]Free Printable State Art - The Cottage Market40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar11 Amazing Free Printables for Your Home - Happily Ever After, Etc.31 DAYS! The MOM Initiative is an IN-REACH and an OUT-REACH MINISTRY that views mentoring as not only a way to mentor moms inside the church, but to reach moms who don’t know Christ through the power and beauty of mentoring.

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