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Most of the women she knew were newcomers frustrated by the polite veneer of casual relationships.
And they wanted a natural way to bridge the age span to access the wisdom and experience of older women they'd met but did not really know. Don't misunderstand; ours was a loving church family, devoted to worship and the Word of God and well acquainted with His grace. Through relationships with others, you and I experience more of God than is ever possible for us alone. Jesus gave us this pattern, working and living alongside his apprentices in committed friendship so that they would experience love in all its richness and responsibility. Relationships like these are the way Jesus shows us his love, cultivates his love in us and imparts it to others through us. Even before the younger women expressed their desires for closer relationships, the older women had begun to pray about a mentoring ministry because they wanted to share their faith, wisdom and experiential knowledge of God with younger women in a more intentional way. But we could not find a mentoring program that incorporated all of the components most important to us--a schedule to accommodate busy women, hospitality around a meal in a home, lessons inviting reflection and repentance in a context of grace, mentor fellowship and training, and strategies to foster rich interaction leading to friendship. How could we foster havens of grace and mercy that invited authentic sharing and led to intimacy? I gathered a group of women gifted and experienced in hospitality, mentoring and leading Bible studies.
Women really connected with one another, sharing in confidence and receiving the compassionate understanding they longed for as well as the encouragement, prayer and support to work toward the changes they knew God desired for them.
Since these obstacles were common to most of the groups, we were not content until we found an easy way to avoid every one of them. Our sincere desire is to assist you in helping other women to interact in more genuine ways and to mature in appreciating their uniqueness and preciousness. We're honored to share our wisdom and experience with many women nationally (and internationally, we pray) who have found friendship through Titus 2: Spiritual Mentoring for Women. Once a month for each of seven months, four to six younger women gather around your table for a potluck meal, discussion and prayer. It's amazing how close your group can become as you share your favorite dishes, interests, challenges and experiences. After a scrumptious meal and lively conservation, transition smoothly to discussion of the lesson everyone has completed in advance in her Spiritual Mentoring Study Guide.

Then transition easily to conversational prayer about the specific truths and issues each of you shared during the study. Each study guide comes coil bound with introduction to the philosophy and format, seven lessons, and accessories, such as prayer records and potluck menu planner. For more information about how to begin this ministry, use our contact form to briefly tell us how we can help you. But before any man can serve the Lord in church leadership, he must meet a list of 26 requirements in his life. Designed for small groups or church classes, The Titus Mandate Study Guide makes the principles of Titus 1:5 easily understandable for everyone.
One major reason for The Titus Mandate is that it is God’s plan for keeping dangerous men out of church leadership. You might assume that this Edmond, Okla., football player and jiu-jitsu practitioner since the age of 5 might have designs on an athletic career. Yet despite his shelf full of trophies and ribbons, Tobias wants to be a pastor when he grows up.
Tobias decided he and Titus would take part in a 5K race in Oklahoma City — with Tobias pushing Titus in a stroller. Tobias told KWTV he’s been training for the event by running two miles pushing an empty infant stroller. Tobias Bass, 10, wrote a three-page letter to an Oklahoma news station asking for help acquiring a stroller to push his 11-year-old brother with cerebral palsy in a race. News anchors Kelly Ogle and Amanda Taylor contacted Oklahoma Able Tech, which delivered a jogging stroller to Tobias and Titus Thursday so they can run in Friday’s race. After all, as his letter states, Tobias wants to eventually enter an “Iron Man contest someday” with Titus. As it turned out, newcomers weren't the only ones who longed to connect more authentically with others.
To experience fully the compassionate love and amazing grace of God, you and I must become closely connected with others in relationships of quality and depth--relationships that minister the transforming power of Christ to our hearts and minds. How could we encourage honest and open interaction as a matter of course instead of exception? Our joy was boundless as we heard woman after woman share heart-felt gratitude for the precious relationships she made with her mentor and the women in her group.

He graciously displayed his faithful love to us through his living Word and our relationships with one another. We long for women to experience the healing power of sharing their struggles with trustworthy others and of listening to others with compassionate understanding. You set the table and the tone, and your mentorees bring a dish and their unique perspectives. A blend of single and married, wives and mothers, workers at home and in the marketplace, your group brings a diversity of experience yet women share surprisingly similar struggles. Many Christians have been so hurt by these wolves that they have left church, vowing never to return. Jesus Christ wants you judging every leader in your church by His list He has written for you. In the early 1990s, a large evangelical church in California went through horrible heartache and public shame because of just such a man. In fact, he told KWTV he wants to be a pastor for soldiers and minister to those dying on the front lines. Except he’s been concerned that Titus wouldn’t fit well, and their hardworking single mother — a teacher — can’t budget for a different stroller.
Many women yearned to share their hearts knowing that they would be accepted and understood when they admitted weaknesses, sins and unfulfilled longings. When a man matches His 26 listed qualifications then you can be fully assured that he is a man whom Jesus wants leading you and your church. For over fifty years, this man had been known by Christians for his unrepentant child abuse.
In a moving, three-page handwritten letter to KWTV, Tobias said Titus “cries when he sees people outside” because he knows he can’t join them to run and play and enjoy the fresh air.

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