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Passages in the Letter to Titus have an enduring importance in the liturgical life of the church.
According to the letter itself, it was written by the Apostle Paul to Titus on Crete, from which Paul has left. The Letter to Titus is widely considered to be pseudonymous, written after the death of the Apostle Paul. The Letter to Titus emphasizes the Christian community's ability to be a force for good in society and expresses concerns about leadership in the early church, assuming that good order, good teaching, good people, and good conduct will assist the promotion of the gospel. Read the letter as one written to impersonate Paul in a situation that the author faced in his own time and place. According to information within the letter itself, Paul had been on the island of Crete but left Titus there to be in charge after his departure (1:5).
According to the letter itself, Paul wrote it to Titus on Crete (1:5), from which Paul has now left. These three books--1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus--share much in common in terms of language, style, and theological themes. In this book, as in some others in the New Testament, there is a table of duties (or household code) concerning what is expected of elderly men and women, young men and women, and slaves (2:2-10).
Like 1 Timothy, the Letter to Titus looks out upon the world as the place in which the Christian is at home. At 3:5 the writer speaks of baptismal regeneration in one of the most eloquent passages on baptism in the New Testament. Xzibit son of Dogs Land Mon Cheri, and he was sired by QT z Orisku owned by Imperial Grande Bordeaux(NC)! We are always blessed to hear how God is using Blue Letter Bible to minister to people in all areas of life. Blue Letter Bible has now expanded the audio library of Elisabeth Elliot to over 90 messages.
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The Blue Letter Bible now has over 4,000,000 links onsite to over 165,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, images, and Bible versions! While Paul is in an undisclosed location, he will be on his way to Nicopolis in Epirus (western Greece), and Titus is on Crete. The most important are those concerning the qualities of a bishop and baptismal regeneration.
Clustered with 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy (the other two "Pastoral Epistles"), it stands near the end of the "Pauline corpus," the collection of letters attributed to the Apostle Paul (the books of Romans through Philemon).
Yet, this letter is generally regarded as pseudonymous, written after the death of Paul by an anonymous writer who sought to impersonate Paul in a post-Pauline situation. Since the letter has terminology that is found generally in certain Christian writings of the second century, it is considered to have been written late in the first century or even early in the second.
Seeking to represent Paul in order to give authority to what he has to say, the author calls upon readers (ostensibly Titus, but implicitly more than him) to imitate Paul in his fidelity to the gospel, even in trying circumstances. We are not told where Paul is, but he hopes to meet Titus at Nicopolis prior to the next winter to come (3:12). Paul is at some undisclosed location, but he will eventually be on his way to Nicopolis (eastern Macedonia), where Titus is to meet him (3:12). Such tables (or codes) reflect expectations of persons in the era in which they were written and may or may not be applicable in later times, especially the expectations of wives and slaves.
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Matters of the ordering of the church in Crete are taken up, and much of the letter is concerned about the creation of a Christian ethos, living a life under grace, and baptismal regeneration.
In order to do this letter justice, one should read it (as well as the other Pastoral Epistles) in light of the seven undisputed letters of Paul, where one finds quite different emphases and teachings. During his time on Crete, Titus is to see that the churches there are staffed in such a way that each has an "elder" (or "presbyter") to carry on ministry, and he is to instruct people in their duties and roles as Christians. It is much more likely, however, that this letter was written in Paul's name by an anonymous writer (making it a pseudonymous work) after the death of Paul.

According to some scholars, who point out that the bishop is spoken of in the singular and the elders in the plural, a bishop may have been an elder who had become the overseer (which is what the Greek word translated "bishop" means) of the community. One cannot discuss the theology of any one of them in isolation from its two companion pieces. These tables stand in the Scriptures of the Christian church, however, and every interpreter will assess their importance differently, which is inevitable. He i s a grandson of out Dogs Land Farooq(Toezzz son)has everything I ever wished for in a dogue de Bordeaux!
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It is more probable, however, that Titus is a deutero-Pauline book, written pseudonymously sometime after the death of Paul.
As Titus appoints elders, therefore, he should bear in mind that any one of them might someday be the bishop, so the qualities and qualifications of the bishop are to be taken into consideration in the appointment of elders. Further information from within the book shows that it presupposes a situation within the Pauline field of influence where Jewish regulations are being imposed upon its readers (1:10, 14). Reasons cited for that view depend on an assessment of the Pastoral Epistles (1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus) as a group. If it was actually addressed to a community on the island of Crete, it is rather odd that the writer would include the slander about Cretans and agree that it is true (1:12-13). In both cases the term "God" appears to be more honorific (in expressions of praise) than ontological. Greeting and Benediction (Titus 3:15)Paul sends greetings from others who are with him, along with a greeting of his own.

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