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Regarding Titus racer x 29er is there a reason it does not seem very popular and does anyone have any experience on it that they would share. Look at the rip and sultan which are great bikes but seem more trail orientated then I want.
The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. Might also consider the Intense Spyder 29 and GF Supercaliber 29er as good FS XC race platforms. I have a Sultan built up as my XC bike that I use for racing and I love it (I came off a RacerX 100). I looked at the Racer X 29er as well but wanted a bike that was set up to run with a 100mm fork and could pull more double duty than just racing. I ride in Maryland, PA, and West Virginia; mainly at the Watershed, Gambrills, Patapsco and Michaux. I really like the Rx29 and really do not have any complaints except those which are common to 29ers.

As far as rocky trails the areas I ride are classic Mid Atlantic trails filled with roots and rocks. For smooth trails the Titus flies and I get zero pedal bob with pro-pedal on, I rode at Big Bear WV and easily won the 20 mile class.
My only complaint which is not valid because I understand what the bike is for is real tight rocky sections with 2 foot drops.
Vetta RT33 and RT55 Mounting Kits – Metal Braid Reinforced Standard Length Mounting Kit.
I think they were gone for a while like since 2010-2011 but now they are back Im not sure if they got bought out.
AvailableAvailable items ship between 2 days to 15 days.CBO in Central CA, has hundreds of direct fulfillment partners with the fastest possible restock delivery times in the US.For 30 years, we have been the best at sourcing in the US, so we will find and supply many items the competition just can't deliver! Sure pedals stiff and seems like for a girly man of my weight (175) it might work out fine. And it’s patented FSR rearsuspension allows for constant acceleration and nimble handling whilesmoothing out the most challenging terrain.

Time may vary by item, and we will notify you if items are not shipped within this timeframe. Looking for a bike that can be used for predominately for xc racing, training and some trail riding.
The Titus carbon seatstay,hydro-formed chainstay and carbon rockers combine to deliver one of thelightest yet stiffest rear ends in full-suspension today. Seems more efficient under power but more forgiving in the bumps as well, at least compared to the Sugar 292 that I road that had similar pivot to the HiFi. These thoroughbreds are designed around cutting edge suspension technology which delivers optimal performance for maximum speed and spot-on handling at the lightest weight possible.

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