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My son gets my klein attitude because he's outgrown his marin super plush steel frame in one year.
I was giving my Racer X Carbon its customary pre-ride inspection today when I noticed that the topmost of the two rivets holding the front mech cable stop had failed and the cable stop was coming away from the frame.
I am not sure if the rivet has corroded away, or the carbon fiber of the frame has come away. The good news is that through the auspices of my bike shop (Psyclewerx in Bristol, UK), Titus have agreed to take a look at the frame and fix it. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. At the moment the bike is with my bike shop and a chap from Titus' UK importer is coming to fix it on Wednesday under warranty.

I'd try replacing the rivet myself, but I figure the riveting being done under warranty by the importer makes it less risky for me.
I would not let the rep just put in another rivet, because that's just another failure waiting to happen.
If he tries to fix it himself and messes up he's fubar, if the rep does it and messes up, new frame. I don't know if the importer put a rivet washer in, if it fails again I shall let you chaps know.
And in the hopefully unlikely event that the rivet fails outside warranty I shall try the rivet, washer and epoxy combination.
Take a rivet part, the tall mushroom looking thing off of another rivet and slide it down backwards onto the rivet you are going to install.

The rivets Titus used on all these parts are pretty weak but that might be good considering they are less likely to bugger the frame and also a rivet once you find the right size are exceedingly inexpensive.
They are nice frames but I guess the seat tube issue and the fatigue on a 5 year old frame= trashed. There is some cable rub and some very small dents but no major scratches or dents that would effect the performance of this frame. I bought this a backup to my other Titus Racer X but never built it up so its time to sale it.

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