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The Titus Racer X Carbon is a lighter-than-air, full-on dual-suspension XC race frame, born from the legendary Racer X design and enhanced with a full-carbon monocoque front triangle.
AvailableAvailable items ship between 2 days to 15 days.CBO in Central CA, has hundreds of direct fulfillment partners with the fastest possible restock delivery times in the US.For 30 years, we have been the best at sourcing in the US, so we will find and supply many items the competition just can't deliver!
Packed and shipped my 2009 26er RX today and am now sitting here drinking beer wishing I hadn't sold it. Starting with the award-winning geometry and Horst-link rear suspension of its aluminum forebear, the all-carbon version of the Racer X benefits from more than just a weight reduction. Time may vary by item, and we will notify you if items are not shipped within this timeframe. I currently have an older set of CrossMax Disc wheels on it, a NEW Bontrager alloy handlebar, and a different set of brake levers that are in the pics.

If I don't sell soon, I will be just hanging up for my son who should grow into it in about 2 years. The inherent properties of the custom-blended high and intermediate-modulus carbon produces not just a lighter, but also a stiffer, damper frame that gains advantages over aluminum in nearly every way-faster acceleration, more precise cornering, and more secure high-speed handling. The only non-carbon frame section is the hydroformed aluminum chainstaya near-even trade in weight that repays itself in on-trail abuse. Thinking of selling my Speci XC Comp too and buying a hardtail 29er frame for those xc only days. Just give it a second bottle mount on the bottom of the down tube, please, it’s so helpful for marathons and 4 hr training rides.
It had been hanging in the shop for a while after buying a 6 in bike in November of last year, I took it out 2 weeks ago and realized it needed a new BB.

I sold the frame to a good home and threw the left over parts on another frame with 5 in travel for a beater bike. I should have just left it hanging and rode it on those "I feel like driving the Ferrari" days!

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