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Unlike the road bike, most of the weight savings on this bike comes from careful (albeit expensive) parts selection, not so much custom trickery.
Fabricated by one of their site’s forum members, Jeff Roberson, the brains were hacked and customized to perform some gear ratio calculations on the fly. The wires drop out of the bottom to go the derailleurs and battery, and the control wire comes out near the stem cap. Wires come out of a water bottle boss on the seat tube and run through a custom channel attached to the bottom of the driveside chainstay for the rear derailleur.
The shifting controls are set up with two operational options.  In Automatic Mode, you simply hit the up or down button to shift up or down.
In Manual Mode, a single push of the up or down button shifts the rear derailleur up or down. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about.

One of the main things you may notice missing from the bike is the Di2 battery and the right shifter.
The brain uses calculated gear inches to decide on the next proper gear combination and shifts front and rear accordingly.
Add in power measurement and you could devise a bike that shifts on its own based on power output. This is my first carbon frames MTB, it came in a 25.66 lbs minus the front derailleur, I ordered the wrong direct mount, should be just below 26 lbs with the front mech installed. My first thoughts were how much more laterally stiff it was while climbing, it just wants to thrust forward, much stiffer then the aluminum version.
Of course, this means in its current form it’ll only work with a double chainring, but tweaks to the software mean it can essentially do anything.
They’ve timed it to move across the entire gear range in just over a second, but the speed at which it dumps (or adds) gears can be set however they want. Or all three, which might be more appealing to roadies and triathletes than mountain bikers, but interesting nonetheless.

Carbon has a weird property, it soaks up all the vibration yet allows you to feel the trail. With the 10mm thru axle conversion on the American Classic wheels, I had no issues with the tire rubbing the chainstay, back end felt much stiffer then the AL version with CB wheels. I wouldnt change a thing on my component choices, the Hope brakes are the real deal, super quiet and strong.
I was very impressed with the MIchelin RaceR tires, rolled well yet traction was not an issue.

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