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Comprehensive TMJ treatment in most cases is done with removable appliances, so as to align the jaw.  This typically involves anterior repositioning so as to decompress the jaw joints.
One of the mistakes most often made by dentist treating TMJ is that the appliance is not adequate.  Forty per cent of my patients need a different night appliance to keep them comfortable because when they go unconscious, they loose muscle tone and their jaw displaces, so a night appliance is made which controls jaw position even if asleep. Far too often, daytime appliances are made too bulky to be tolerated with work requirements (i.e. As a result, a patient may have a condition, which has not fully, clinically blossomed in terms of the symptoms presented. As a result, a Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction may not be identified and properly treated.
A number of Serotonin Reuptake inhibitor medications are associated with clenching, yawning and grinding of teeth (as cited in the Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. Similarly, in addition to the use of these medications, which can cause bruxism and then, subsequently, lead to TMJ conditions, which can be painful, further complicating and even compromising the patient’s progress; a number of other conditions can also contribute to these TMJ (jaw joint) problems.
Utilizing my training and expertise as both a physician and a dentist, I have been treating patients with atypical facial pain and Temporomandibular joint disorders from around the world for over 20 years now. Hence, if a patient is being kept on one of these medications long-term for the significant therapeutic benefits that they provide in the overall treatment plan of his or her doctor, please know that in these cases, an appropriate appliance can be fabricated to mitigate their condition. In these cases, I, generally, recommend that they be treated with a specialized customized intraoral appliance that will buffer the forces of occlusion and realign the jaw.
One on One CounselingContact us for a confidential phone consultation or office appointment. For treatment we utilize Laser, Iontophoresis, Splint Therapy, Tensing Units and many more modalities to help our patients achieve a better quality of life.

This device is an ultra-low frequency Electrical Neural Stimulator, delivering rhythmic stimulus to the muscles of mastication. We utilize this technology to correct the bite and make it harmonious from the beginning of the action to the last moment that the teeth come together, and apart. Anterior repositioning typically quickly relieves jaw joint pain, but creates an orthodontic defect which needs to be corrected. I have been able to correct the painful and debilitating symptoms of TMJ conditions by a number of different medical approaches including fabricating a special customized intraoral appliance to maintain the jaw in its proper position. Just diagnosed with TMJ and heard that when on an antidepressant and get TMF that zanax and larazapan and valium are used to treat it.
People between the ages of 20 and 40 often suffer from TMJ dysfunction and typically the disorder affects more women than men.
Facial muscles, working to correct the problem, tire and send signals to the brain that create sensations of pain.
These bilateral and mildly stimulating electrodes will affect the face muscles and can relax them resulting in accelerated healing and pain reduction.
We balance it considering the timing and force levels applied so there will be less chance of damaged occlusion. Because the jaw is not static, grinding and clenching can do a great deal of harm to the nerve structures, the teeth and the articular disc (cartilage) of the Temporomandibular joint.
The brain transmits these signals to other muscle groups in an effort for other muscles to help relieve the fatigued muscles around your jawbone and face.
These are commonly used antidepressant medications, which contribute to the mental wellbeing of our patients.

The fibro cartilage of the Temporomandibular joint has no capacity to repair and needs to be preserved for good jaw tracking. This customized appliance can protect the integrity of the Temporomandibular joint structures, which includes the delicate network of nerves and blood vessels that can be compromised when the jaw joint is out of alignment. Eventually, TMJ dysfunction disrupts the natural flow of energy in the body, so the body concentrates its focus on correcting the misalignment of your jaw joints.
They may mask the symptoms of TM joint dysfunction and, additionally, they may cause bruxism and clenching.
Askari may detect potential TMJ dysfunction during dental a checkup if she finds signs of bruxism on molars. When body is devoting energy to correcting the dysfunction in jaw alignment, patients often experience a change in posture. Our staff serves residents of Farmington Hills, Southfield, Northfield, Livonia, Dearborn, and the surrounding Detroit communities. Malaligned hyperactive jaws impinge on the trigeminal nerve causing headaches, both tension and migraine headaches. Askari firmly believes that TMJ dysfunction not only negatively affects the facial area, but also the entire body.

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