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The need to repair a torn ear lobe is a frequent occurrence as piercing an earlobe puts it at risk to tearing. Earlobe plastic surgery involves reconstruction or cosmetic surgery on the soft tissues of the ear to improve its appearance. You may be a candidate for earlobe surgery if the appearance of your ears draws unwanted attention, detracts or distracts from your other facial features, or if you find the appearance of your ears unsatisfactory. In adults wishing to shorten elongated earlobes or repair torn or gauged earlobes, surgery may be undertaken in the office under local anesthesia. Click the image above or here to view Before & After photos of earlobe plastic surgery performed by Dr. A lifetime of wearing earrings can cause the holes of pierced ears to weaken, stretch, and eventually, tear. To determine if torn earlobe repair surgery might be right for you, call our NYC office to schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. The ear is often a forgotten feature of the face when it comes to facial assessment for aesthetic improvement.
Take a look at some of our clients having Ear Lobe rejuvenating injections to plump up the ear lobe to give a subtle yet fuller look and bring back the natural look of your ears. Aqualyx injections can now be used to rejuvenate your ear lobes, call us today to find out more!
As many of you may know, over time your ear lobes can become bigger and take on an appearance that they are sagging.
There is now a procedure known as the Earlobe Lift or Earlobe Rejuvenation which is available to you at The Real You Clinic which can rejuvenate the earlobes and give them a smoother, more contoured, and more youthful appearance like they once was. Our ears lose collagen and elastin just like the rest of your skin so they can start to droop and cannot hold the weight of jewelry. The results from earlobe treatments are instantaneous and can last for up to one year or more!
Dermal fillers and Botox for Earlobes can be very beneficial in renewing the Earlobe appearance without the need for invasive surgery.

Before and after earlobe treatments using Dermal Filler to plump up the earlobe to give a more youthful and natural appearance. The end result can provide long lasting rejuvenation to the earlobes and remove the noticeable signs of age affecting the ears. Take a look in more detail at the type of ear lobes we can treat above with botox and Dermal fillers and click on any of the images for a more detailed look.
With dermal fillers injected into your ear lobe you can restore your ear and repair the damage caused by age and wearing ear rings over the years. After your treatments your ears can look more natural as we remove the lines and creases to make your ears look more natural. If you would require more information on Earlobe Rejuvenation treatments or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr.
In a normal procedure the surgeon removes any skin lining the split to create a raw edge, and will then stitch the ear back together. Earlobe repair is a relatively simple procedure performed under a local anaesthetic, so you’ll normally be able to return home later the same day.
There may be some scarring after a split earlobe repair, although this will generally fade over time and your Consultant Surgeon will discuss this with you prior to your procedure. The size, style and especially weight of an earring can also contribute to the stretching of the earlobe opening. Pearson to learn more about how Cosmetic Ear Surgery may help you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Earlobe gauging or stretching with large jewelry has become fashionable among some young people. Pearson is an experienced, double-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon practicing in Hermosa Beach and Beverly Hills, CA. Earlobe tears may be partial, resulting in an elongated or wide hole, or full, resulting in a split earlobe.
Your earlobes are just as easy to show signs of the natural aging process as much as your other facial areas.

We can safely and effectively restore your earlobes by injecting a small amount of dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane into the lobes.
The results from injectable fillers are long lasting and they can periodically maintained with follow-up treatments.
This slight swelling will usually disappear within 24 hours leaving you with healthy and fuller ears lobes. Earlobe tears are most common in people who wear pierced earrings as these can easily be caught and pulled.
However, you should expect some discomfort and swelling after surgery and you may need to wear a dressing on the ear for a few days. In either case, patients often desire a more natural and less noticeable appearance to their earlobes.
Sometimes, we get an earlobe tear by pulling sweaters over our head and snagging an earring or by getting our dangly earrings too close to an inquisitive toddler. Torn earlobe repair is a very quick procedure performed under local anesthesia to numb the ear.
Minor bruising is less common with this treatment but may occur and will subside after a few days. There are also people who intentionally stretch their pierced holes or earlobes for a “punk” look and then come to regret it.
The damaged portion is removed and the tear is sutured closed, preserving the hole for earrings, if desired. The stitches dissolve in about a week and normal activities can resume immediately, as long as they don’t put any tension on the ears.
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