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Many times hearing loss is only temporary, due to earwax or fluid build up or infections and can be restored through treatment or surgery. A child who is hearing impaired will experience difficulty interacting with others.Children are great imitators.
Some children are afflicted with nerve deafness, or sensorineural hearing loss, leading to permanent disability. A hearing impairment that is not noticed results in developmental delays, as well as social and academic problems.Hearing impairment impacts two in every 100 children.

Most all hearing impairments can be helped with hearing aids and other hearing loss treatments and devices.
Early diagnosis and treatment, use of hearing aids, and specialized education for hearing impaired children will help your child gain the skills and tools for successful development. These hearing losses may be sensorineural, conductive, or mixed; unilateral or bilateral, mild to profound, and temprary to permanent.
All children can be given a complete hearing examination to determine if there is a hearing impairment.

One of the causes of conductive hearing loss is genetic
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