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The ZEISS VR ONE is a one-of-a-kind device allowing us to take our first steps in the world of virtual reality.
Leading-edge optical design and ZEISS precision lenses for the ultimate immersive visual experience.
Its lightweight design and 100% portability make it the perfect companion for videos, games and augmented reality. Over 515 virtual reality enthusiasts, technologyaficionados and creative people submitted 526 app ideas and finalized apps forthe ZEISS VR ONE headset.A lot of high-potential ideas and apps were submitted to the contest, so selecting the winners was a difficult process.
After an intensive and interesting evaluation phase, the international jury with representatives from China, America, Austria, England and Germany announced the two winners in each category on March 18. Award winner: Mind Wall by Sumit GoskiThe best app idea in the ZEISS VR ONE Contest is Mind Wall submitted by Sumit Goski.

This creative idea brings the mind palace technique to a new level and uses the VR ONE headset for the visualization of the human memory lane in virtual reality. With Mind Wall, users can store and retrieve their own memories in a virtual palace and generate  their personal memory aids. Award Winner: Paraplegic mirror box by EpskampieMany people who have lost a limb often suffer from phantom pain and experience severe discomfort in their missing limb. Award Winner: Trinus Gyre by oddsheepThe first award in the second category of the ZEISS VR ONE Contest goes to Trinus Gyre. Award Winner: Project Anywhere by cmiltiadisThe second winner of the finalized apps is Project Anywhere. Together with its entire app system, it enables people from distant locations to coexist in other virtual landscapes.

Project Anywhere aims to break through the limits of physical human presence, by replacing kinesthetic, visual and auditory with artificial sensory experiences, in a fully interactive virtual environment. By submitting your innovative ideas and app projects, you provided a preview of the future of virtual reality.

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