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The ZEISS VR ONE is a one-of-a-kind device allowing us to take our first steps in the world of virtual reality.
Leading-edge optical design and ZEISS precision lenses for the ultimate immersive visual experience. If you don't want to shell out $199 for the Samsung Gear VR or $350 for the Oculur Rift but still want to experience mobile virtual reality, then Google Cardboard is for you. Google Cardbaord is a simple viewer that makes virtual reality experience easy and affordable. For developers, Google has introduced the Cardboard SDKs for Android and Unity, hoping to improve side-by-side rendering, head tracking, and lens distortion correction.
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Vi gjor det som er mulig for a sikre vare kunder de beste produktene til den lavest mulige priser.
Om du finner et av vare produkter hos andre nettbutikker til en lavere pris enn var, vennligst bruk dette skjemaet.
The sUAS (drone) application allows a user to experience the view from the cockpit of a drone from inside the VR ONE headset with the best picture quality.

Download the updated Google Street View app for Android or iOS, and grab your VR ONE to immerse yourself in destinations around the world. Design engineers and designers have the possibility to expand the range of smartphone trays for the ZEISS VR ONE using this new open source approach.
This is accomplished simply by users scanning a special new ZEISS VR ONE, Google Viewer Profile (GVP) QR code to their smartphone.
Its lightweight design and 100% portability make it the perfect companion for videos, games and augmented reality. Makers can now tailor viewing experience to the Cardboard's unique optical layout for custom viewers. Vi vil sammenligne prisene og tilby deg vart produkt til den laveste prisen !Slik fungerer det: 1. This site shows more than 200 VR games (Side-by-Side), which can be played with a standard wireless Gaming controller connected to an Android device and the ZEISS VR ONE. This delivers a unique experience, flying from the drone’s point of view via a live-video stream. Yes, the kind of paper material used for packaging, It's also the kind that kids use to turn into all kinds of cardboard toys from cars to castles or puppet theaters.

Google also mentioned that it will add to the Cardboard SDK a viewer calibration tool so a viewer's base and focal length can be set. The ZEISS VR ONE, GVP QR code is available for free download here and is included with all new ZEISS VR ONE units purchased. Cardboard can become anything and so Google thought of the Google Cardboard---a DIY cardboard VR headset that works with compatible apps. Google also brought the Cardboard to more retailers like I Am Cardboard, DODOcase, Knoxlabs, and Unofficial Cardboard so you can easily get your hands on a Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard brings virtual reality to the masses who won't spend hundreds of dollars for the Gear VR or the Oculus Rift. There are an assortment of 3rd party apps available for purchase on iTunes or Google Play depending on the type of drone used. The ZEISS VR ONE is made with a leading-edge optic design and precision optics that provide a premium immersive experience with a 100-degree view.

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