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As we are exposed to more and more environmental toxins (like the pollutants in our air, hormones and pesticides in our food) we are also being emotionally taxed by the amount of information we are now required to process daily via smartphones and the internet. Doctors are now prescribing acupuncture and other eastern- based modalities, because they have witnessed its benefits, but proving its scientific validity has been slow, as it is difficult to measure something you can’t see with the human eye, like energy. For thousands of years, Chinese acupuncture and the Indian chakra system have been viable and accepted forms of medicine in other cultures. Oprah recently also introduced the world to John of God, Joao Teixeira, is known around the world as John of God, a title given to him by those who recognize his status as a person touched by a higher power.
John of God has dedicated his life to his service, and does not ask for payment for the healing. Check out the film, Healing, made about John of God, which received 3 Angel Awards at the Monaco Film Festival in 2008. The Crystal Bed at The Lara Touch Studio comes directly from John of God’s Casa in Abadiania, Brazil. The quartz stones used in the crystal bed treatment have been spiritually charged in Brazil.
Similarly, if you strike a tuning fork, and have another tuning fork across the room, it will begin to resonate. The crystals and light each emit unique vibrational frequencies corresponding to each chakra. During the session, you will remain fully clothed and will lie face up on a treatment table.
Some people may experience a slight vibration in their chakras, as their energy is released and re-tuned with the crystal frequency; however, each session is unique and people report a variety of experiences. Join The Lara Touch Community and instantly receive 5 free videoTips & Techniques to overcome stress in minutes.
Please Note--I will NOT ship products outside of the United States with totals less than $200. OM tuning forks can be used by chiropractors, acupuncturist, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, body workers, and anyone needing this frequency in their lives. Tuning Fork Therapy® offers the TFT Stress Puck as a way to only de-stress after a hard day, but also as a way to gain muscle strength in your fingers in order to better hold the tuning forks. Revitalize your mind and body with these spiritually charged chakra-balancing quartz crystals.

Our bodies are being stressed in new ways, and it is causing fatigue and dis-eases western doctors are having difficulty treating.
We all know tricks and treatments that were passed down from our grandmothers which may sound far-fetched but work better than some medicine. Lara experienced the healing power of both John of God and the crystal bed herself on her trip to his Casa just one year ago.
The concept of chakras originates from Hindu and Buddhist yoga philosophy and means “spinning wheel” in Sanskrit.
It stimulates brain wave activity, increases circulation, awakens us physically and energizes blood flow.
Balances our nervous system, soothes and relaxes mental & physical states, and emotional relationships. Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Joao was told by the spirits that he should go to Abadiania to buy a piece of land to build a healing center.
You can tune a piano using a tuning fork that is set to a specific frequency or vibration (or simply a musical note).
The same is true for two properly tuned guitars near each other – if you strum the A string on one, the other will start to play an A as well. If you have not had a crystal bed treatment before, a initial 20-minute session is recommended.
Order alone, or with an ebook chock full of exercises for your fingers, hands, wrists and arms.
Many people, including Lara, have looked toward alternative medicine for help when traditional western medicine and prescriptions haven’t been able to provide relief. Just as blood must circulate through the veins—or can be blocked by plaque or a blood clot—energy can also get stuck.
Oprah introduced us to Dr Oz, who has been a wonderful resource for simple at home remedies, and other holistic therapies.
He serves as a channel for over 30 light-spirit entities of deceased surgeons and physicians who guide his physical body to heal people who come to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. Chakras are not visible or detectible by traditional western medicine, but many meridian points correspond with nerve bundles in the human body.

After Joao built the Casa de Dom Inacio, he discovered that the mountain it was situated on a vortex of quartz crystals.
You adjust the strings on the piano until it matches the tone projected by the tuning fork. In essence, the crystals sync the chakras to their normal frequency, bringing your body’s energy back in to balance. However, please note that this is not a medical treatment and in no way should replace any medications or treatment being prescribed from a medical doctor.
If you insist on ordering anyway, your money will be refunded to you LESS the fees paypal charges me for the refund.
There are currently three tuning forks out on the market that are being called OM tuning forks but each has a different frequency as you will see listed below. Use the OM tuning fork for meditation, journeying, grounding, balancing, for relaxing, to relieve tension, and so much more. When your energetic system is imbalanced, energy can move in the wrong direction, move too quickly, or freeze. It has also been used as a healing stone to increase energy and strengthen all systems of the body.
Some of these crystals have been selected and harvested by Joao and blessed by the spiritual entities through him for the crystal beds.
Light flows through each crystal, bathing each chakra in the corresponding color frequency and vibration. Can be used alone with the regular OM 136.10 tuning fork on points along the meridian system.
Since energy also fuels organ function, the effects of balancing your energy can be profound. Anything with the same frequency within range of the wave will absorb that wave and begin to vibrate.

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