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Mixed hearing loss occurs when a person’s audio-gram shows both SNHL and conductive components.  That means there can be damage present both in the outer and middle ear portion as well as the inner ear.
The third identifying factor to your audiogram is the shape of your hearing loss.  Many clinicians will use a term in their report to your physician about the overall shape. Flat loss: A flat hearing loss is one that is approximately the same at all frequencies and is essentially a straight line across the audiogram. Cookie bite loss: A cookie bite loss looks like someone took a bite out of the top end of the audiogram. It is important to know what type, degree, and shape of hearing loss you have so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase the best instrument for your needs. A recent study found that a throttled-up motorbike can cause noise pollution in excess of 100 decibels, while another study determined motorcyclists travelling at 60 km per hour are exposed to 90 decibels of noise in their helmet. Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when the tiny cells inside the cochlea in your inner ear are damaged as a result of large sound vibrations. Change Your Helmet—Protect your ears by using a full-face helmet with a protective visor and minimal air vents, which will minimise wind noise. Invest in Ear Plugs—Have a set of ear plugs custom-made to create a tight seal around the opening of your ear canals, which will reduce the impact of engine noise. Use a Muffler—Mufflers dissipate the noise created by the release of exhaust gas, so you can enjoy a quieter ride and protect your ears by simply fitting an inexpensive muffler to your bike.

Book a Hearing Test—Due to the gradual progression of hearing loss, you may not be aware that your hearing is being damaged until you experience significant hearing loss.
Hearing aids and cochlear implants can improve your hearing, but once you develop noise-induced hearing loss, you’ll need to rely on these devices for the rest of your life.
Note when buying a hearing aid it is always better to get the audogram from your audiologist. Many people think they cannot have knowledge or understanding of God without reading books. A person will have normal or close to normal hearing in the low frequencies and the high frequencies, but a more significant hearing loss in the middle frequencies. Patient’s will have normal hearing in the middle frequencies, sloping off to considerable losses in the low frequencies and the high frequencies.
Having your hearing tested annually will enable your audiologist to keep track of your hearing health and identify minor changes to your hearing that can be addressed before your work or personal life is negatively affected.
Hearing aids can be used to change the frequency of sound waves as they enter your ear canals. We weren't as smart about sun protection then and every year I ended up with some terrible sunburns. Well, noise-induced hearing loss can occur when you’re regularly exposed to noise that exceeds 85 decibels, so motorcyclists should be aware of the risk of damage to their hearing health as a result of regular riding.

Noise-induced hearing loss cannot be cured, but treatment is available to prevent further damage to your hearing. This enables you to avoid sounds that the damaged cells of your cochlea cannot interpret and transmit your brain.
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