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So after having resisted every attempt to get my ears pierced for 19 years, i finally did it last July and I can't believe i waited that long, I love them!
Anyway, today a couple of my friends wanted to go get piercings at our local shop so i thought, what the heck why not?
It's not bad if I'm wearing big earrings, but if I'm wearing small ones it's really obvious.
I'm not coming down on you for doing it, but this is the biggest reason I won't do it to DD. She's only had the earrings for 6 weeks so I'm thinking that it's early enough that the holes will close up! Should I set up structured activities for my kindergartner, or just let him play on his own? This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.
June 16, 2011 By lulu Leave a Comment As stretched ear holes get bigger, so does the market for plugs and tunnels, and one of the coolest most earth-friendly trends that’s blowing up this year is the organic plug. Made from materials like bone, horn, driftwood, and natural stone, organic is the new hot trend for plugs of all sizes.

And best thing about this earthy trend?  Availability of organic body jewelry items is finally becoming more widespread.  Bone, wood, and stone aren’t just for ears after all! Susan Paradise has been providing semi-permanent make treatments since 1995 and uses the latest techniques and equipment.
This is a very exciting cosmetic and remedial technique the result of which are most pleasing and quite often stunning. Micro pigmentation can be used for creating a completely new eyebrow shape or for filling in or extending the eyebrows. The technique can also be used to correct an uneven lip line giving a beautiful contour to the mouth. The treatment is performed by introducing natural colour pigments into the skin, using a fine needle. We have over 200,000 members from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world. Not trying to start drama (hehe) but I'm curious is the uneven-ness might have happened since you got them pierced while she was still growing. Even if it does leave a mark by the time she's grown I'd think it would be very small & light.

Treatments include electrolysis, waxing, facials, aromatherapy, relexology, dermalift, ultraslim, bikini line, ear piercing. I literally could not stop thinking about it, so I took the earring out and had it repierced a day later. It's not what you want to hear, but you should definitely take them both out and start from scratch. Perhaps you have a problem with your lipstick- does it tend to "fray at the edges" after it's been on for a while? The new hole was so far away from the old hole and her ears had only been pierced for a few days so I was told it was fine to have it repierced so soon. The piercer told me that if I had not repierced her ear, the old piercing could have ripped out (it was really close to the edge). Give the holes time to fully close up and make sure it doesn't leave a scar hole where they were improperly pierced.

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