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My unicorn horn earrings are cast in solid white bronze with a sterling silver plated overlay to keep them bright and maintenance free. All pieces arrive in a custom Moon Raven Designs Gift Box along with jewelry care instructions. These little bat skull earrings are cast from a Kitti's Hog-nosed bat skull, also known as the bumblebee bat because of its tiny size. The three-bladed radiation warning symbol, as we currently know it, was "doodled" out at the University of California Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley sometime in 1946 by a small group of people.
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Your ears will feel magical when you wear these adorable stud earrings handmade and designed by Roo Xia!

Shana Logic is an independently owned shop that features only the BEST handmade and independently created jewelry, accessories and gifts on the web, hands down! Everyone is a geek in one way or another and we think you should let your geek flag fly high. Ces animaux sont populaires car certaines de ces espèces se laissent approcher par l'homme et se montrent affectueuses. Cette statue, petite mais imposante, est un symbole de la ville, et une attraction touristique majeure.
The Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat is the smallest species of bat and one of the world's smallest mammals. Each rainbow-tastic unicorn earring design is protected with a clear resin coating and is attached to stainless steel posts with backings.

We've got tons of amazing artists including: Lost Apostle, Diamonds and Coal, RockLove, Ashley Spatula, Cute Plush, Soulbound, Pusheen, Chocolate & Steel, Boygirlparty and more!
Our mission is to create unique items inspired by your favorite games, tv shows, movies, and more so you can sport them on your self or in your home. The beautiful graduated spiral, quite pronounced at the base becomes shallower as it twists down the horn until it diminishes to a smooth taper near the tip just like that of a real unicorn. Our little boutique is run from a mini warehouse located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is run by the owner (Shana!) and her 2 assistants.

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