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Success For Kids With Hearing Loss Permanent Conductive Hearing Loss: Atresia, Microtia, Etc. Microtia = “small ear” – It comes in different grades in terms of how much the outer ear is underdeveloped. Atresia – Aural atresia refers to the absence an external ear canal – always results in hearing loss. A narrowed ear canal is called a stenotic canal or referred to as ear canal stenosis, which may not affect hearing. BAHA eliminates the conductive hearing loss at most frequencies versus 25-30 dB of conductive hearing loss remaining after reconstructive surgery (this is true only after the BAHA has been implanted). Permanent conductive hearing loss can also be caused by malformation of or damage to the middle ear structures. Examples would be congenital or early onset of otosclerosis (calcium deposits develop on middle ear bones), middle ear structures damaged due to cholesteatoma, or changes to the eardrum and ossicles due to continuous middle ear disease (chronic ear infections).
The anchoring the device to bone provides an advantage of 10 to 15 dB, especially at the high frequencies of vital importance to proper speech recognition in noise. Compared to conventional bone conductors, the BAHA system has better gain at the high frequencies and less distortion.

If you have an excessive amount of ear wax in your ear, removing it will restore hearing to normal, however, consulting with your physician is the best course if this is a constant occurrence. Microtia is usually accompanied by aural atresia or ear canal stenosis (narrowed ear canal, no hearing change).
Often also malformation of the external ear and middle ear, but the inner ear and auditory nerve are frequently normal. A punctured eardrum can happen for many reasons, such as sudden loud sounds or sticking an object into the ear so far that damage to the tympanic membrane (eardrum) is the result. It can be caused by a blockage, such as fluid or ear wax, or can be due to an underlying infection of the outer, middle, or inner ear. As we age, our hearing reduces naturally due to the destruction of tiny hair cells in the cochlea, located in the inner ear. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics in the form of ear drops to prevent infection during the healing process. Loud sounds can not always be avoided, but if you work in a place where loud sounds are common, wearing a protective devices over your ears will greatly reduce your risk for losing your hearing.

Repeated ear infections, such as otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) usually caused by colds and possibly allergies can cause hearing loss in one or both ears at the same time, resulting in a build up of fluid that prevents sound waves and electrical impulses from reaching the brain.
As sound waves enter the ear they vibrate against the eardrum and other structures of the ear that are relayed to the brain to produce the sound we hear. Anything that hinders this process greatly reduces our ability to hear, and may even result in sounds being "muffled". Hearing loss in itself is not life threatening, but can change the way you interact with your environment and others around you. Atmospheric pressure changes as the plane ascends into the sky, causing your ears to "pop" or feel clogged up which can cause extreme pain.

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