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For example, the audiogram on the left depicts a symmetrical hearing loss and the audiogram on the right depicts an assymetrical hearing loss. Unilateral means hearing loss in one ear, with normal hearing sensitvity in the other ear.
This will be used to determine whether the hearing loss is truly a sensorineural hearing loss or whether it is due to another cause such as wax build-up or otitis media.

The hearing evaluation will also be used to determine the degree of impairment and monitor any change during the course of treatment.An otolaryngologist may also recommend further tests to determine the underlying cause of the hearing loss. The younger the patient, the greater likelihood of full recovery.If a sudden sensorineural hearing loss does not improve with medical treatment, the effects of the hearing loss can be managed with the use of hearing technology.
Hearing technology and rehabilitation can be used to help alleviate some of these long-term issues.

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