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Today's picture: via Sarah Kaye Representation "The November issue of Country Living features main fashion styled by Emma Freemantle. Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
Make unique earrings that stand apart from the crowd by using unusual components, different techniques, hand-wrought touches, or an uncommon approach to design.
Instead, try experimenting with asymmetry by designing an unmatched pair where each earring differs from the other, but embraces the same theme.
Besides, it’s fun to create, wear, and sell things that are different from what you see elsewhere! Work your artistic magic by designing ear ornamentation in the form of ear cuffs, ear vines, threaders, spiral earrings, earring jackets, and other less common forms of ear ornamentation.
These unique earring styles offer interestingly different design challenges and opportunities. Fortunately, earwires are quick to make with small bits of wire (you may even have scrap wire on hand that will work for this purpose) and pliers. You may also want to add ornamental touches to your handmade earring findings – such as beads, hammering, oxidizing, or extra wirework. Look at the design and construction methods used in other art and craft forms (such as paper crafting, scrapbooking, fiber art, woodworking, embroidery, etc.), and adapt them to jewelry design. See my earring wire guidelines for recommended wire gauges and metals to use in earwires – including recommendations for metal-allergy people. I also make my own findings and look for a different ear wire styles that are functional but extremely comfortable.

This is an antique earring, made in China during the Qing Dynasty, which lasted from 1644 to 1912.
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. Yes, everyone I did have multiple ear piercings at one point but I decided to let them close. Handmade earwires and other earring findings add a distinctly artistic touch to unique earrings. If you want to churn them out quickly in a higher volume, you may want to use a pegged jig. I must admit I hate to make earrings because I always think they have to be so perfect but you have given me some new thoughts on making them. Unless I can come up with a time machine or about a million bucks, I guess I won’t be shopping there after all. I saw a disturbing documentary on the way heavy earrings can damage or tear through the earlobe – and the surgical repair for that kind of injury looks like something I totally want to avoid!
I am loving this new trend especially because there are so many new ways to incorporate piercings without actually committing to putting a hole in your ear. I also love how brands like GIVENCHY have incorporated things like the septum piercings in their runway collections, ultimately changing the way we view them. A piece originally meant for the tongue is used as decoration for the top helix piercing, creating an effect that somehow resembles an industrial piercing. Funnily enough, now that I am just one piercing away from my initial goal, I am starting to consider getting at least a couple more additional ones.
It is addictive!Finally, as a result of my personal experience with ear piercings and a good deal of research done in order to get my piercings healed successfully (so far all of them are neat with no scarring), I have some advice to share for those who decide to embark on the adventure of achieving the multiple ear piercing look:+ Tips for Healthy, Happy and Beautiful Pierced Ears +1) Do your research and get your piercings done by a good, reputable piercer.

A job done by a professional will be perfectly placed and aligned, and skillfully done so your ear gets minimal distress during the procedure, which helps to minimize the healing time required.2) If you can, get a couple of the piercings done at once (on the same side, of course, so you can still rest your head on one side without aching!).
I used to get them one by one, until I realized that it would be much more effective to take care of two piercings at once (an extra minute on the cleansing routine that you have to perform anyway) and most likely they would be healed around the same time.3) Get the right initial jewelry.
While it might not be the coolest and most eye-catching, it is important to choose the right pieces that suit your piercing. As a general rule, the more surface your earring has, the more likely it will be to carry dirt and bacteria into your freshly made piercing or irritate it by moving around. Stay away from cheap earrings, as they can stall and even revert your healing progress!5) Do not slack off on the daily care.
I know I sometimes do, but being consistent with your twice-a-day sea salt soaks is all the difference between a hassle-free, few weeks long healing process and getting caught into one of those nightmarish never ending cycles of irritation, soreness and even infections that could lead to unwanted scarring and permanent bumps. If your piercing looks less than happy or you see any bumps starting to appear, just stick to the sea salt soaks without over cleaning, don’t touch it at all and see if it improves in a few days. If not, go and pay a visit to your piercer to get it checked.8) Wash your hair frequently, or style it to keep it away from your freshly made piercing, as it can carry dirt and oil into it.
Avoid wearing headphones, earphones headbands or any other sort of accessories that could irritate, hurt or get caught in your earrings.9) Be patient. You should not change your initial jewelry for a new piece until your piercing is fully healed (i.e.

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