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Fans are encouraged to buy US Open tennis tickets now to ensure the best selection of seats possible. Cheap US Open Tennis Championship tickets have been especially in demand for the last few days of the competition as the men’s and women’s championships will be won at that time. Those who are also baseball fans may want to consider purchasing some New York Mets tickets for their trip to New York as Citi Field is located adjacent to the tennis complex. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The higher than average household income translates not just in entertainment spending, but also in retail. After the Open, where may attendees be headed?  Forty-three percent plan to take a family vacation in the next year, 38 percent plan to go outside the continental U.S.
SOURCE: The source for the data in this article is Scarborough New York Local Market Study, Release 1 2012. Maria Sharapova has a little time in New York to promote the Nike Tennis outfits from Tennis Warehouse.

However, many fans have also bought US Open Tennis Championship tickets for the first few days of the competition as the sheer number of matches being played at the 33-court facility on those dates can be pleasantly overwhelming to even the most ardent of tennis fans. Also, the Mets-Willets Point stop on the New York City Subway’s 7 Train serves the facility.
Seventy-seven percent of Open attendees have gone to some type of live theater in the past year, and 66 percent saw a show on Broadway. Open attendees are 35 percent more likely than total New York adults to have spent $500 or more on fine jewelry in the past year and more than twice as likely to have spent the same amount on men’s business clothing.
They have a median household income of $115,800, as compared to $69,300 for all New York adults. Open attendees will certainly be bringing their credit cards with them as more than one-third spent $5,000 or more on vacation in the past year. Open underway, Scarborough Sports Marketing takes a look at this unique group of attendees.
Open attendees are also more likely to frequent art galleries, and attend Yankees and Knicks games, as well as visit Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and go to concerts.

Finally, the Mets will take on the Washington Nationals the three days following the tournament's conclusion. Men 35-49 are the strongest demographic relative to total New York adults, with Open attendees 47 percent more likely to fall in this age and gender range. Open attendees are 93 percent more likely than all New Yorkers to have done some post-graduate work or have a post-graduate degree.
9 session as the women’s and men’s champions, respectively, will be decided at those times.

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