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That’s where you say one thing, and the VA understands it to mean something completely different. This recently happened to a Veteran in his claim for an extra-schedular rating – he thought that his VA disability hearing loss payments were not enough. 1) First, compare the level of severity of the Veteran’s actual symptoms and limitations with the established criteria in the VA Impairment Ratings Table. 1) If your disability has symptoms and limitations that are not discussed in the VA Impairment Ratings Table, or the rating does not adequately compensate you due to a unique disability picture, be sure to tell the VA you want them to consider a claim for an extra-schedular rating under 38 CFR 3.321(b). 2) If the VA does not analyze your claim exactly as laid out above – or if they do not refer your case to the proper person for decision (see Thun Step #3) above, then make sure that you file a timely Notice of Disagreement to the Ratings Decision. 3) If the BVA still denies, consider reaching out to an attorney to appeal to the Veterans Court to raise a Thun violation before the Court.
The Court is increasingly frustrated with the VA and BVA’s  improper analyses of these types of claims.

But now I was just going to agree with them and say, but now my condition is worse and warrants the higher rating. Newswise — Receiving a cochlear implant before 18 months of age dramatically improves a deaf child’s ability to hear, understand and, eventually, speak, according to a multicenter study led by scientists at Johns Hopkins. Even though his hearing loss had a profound impact on his ability to function in the world, the VA assigned him a 0% rating. Lay evidence is going to be a HUGE factor – so make sure you have plenty to show all the symptoms and limitations outside the rating schedule.
The surgery consists of placing a small electronic device into the ear that bypasses the inner ear’s damaged nerve cells and transmits sound signals to the brain. They tracked the children’s newly emerging ability to recognize speech after the implant, and compared their levels of language development to those of 97 same-age children with normal hearing. Therefore all young infants with suspected hearing loss, and those with family history, should be monitored vigilantly and referred for treatment immediately, they say.

Their ability to communicate back, either with words or other age-appropriate modes of expression, grew nearly one and a half times faster than it would have without an implant (8.4 vs. Children who received implants after age 3 had language gaps that corresponded directly to the length of delay before receiving the implant.
The gap between chronologic age and language age grew wider the later a child underwent implantation.
He also serves on the boards of directors of two schools for children with hearing loss that received gifts from the cochlear implant manufacturers.
The terms of these arrangements are being managed by the Johns Hopkins University in accordance with its conflict-of-interest policies.

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