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Hip replacement ratings in va disability claims (general, 5054 hip replacement (prosthesis).
Degenerative joint disease of the spine in va disability, Note (5): for va compensation purposes, unfavorable ankylosis is a condition in which the entire cervical spine, the entire thoracolumbar spine, or the entire spine.
Fact sheets – veterans benefits administration, Fact sheets on benefits offered by the veterans benefits administration. Fai (hip impingement) surgery success rates, Fai hip impingement awareness is about femoral acetabular impingement (fai) or hip impingement and hip labral tears.
Fatigue in multiple sclerosis: current understanding and, Fatigue is defined as a state with reduced capacity for work following a period of mental or physical activity. The only way I know to correctly combine ratings is to use the Combined Ratings Table and  the easiest way to explain how to use the Combined Ratings Table is by example. That's it for the bi-laterals except they are entitled to an extra 10% which is why we did them separately.
Our vet is 79% disabled according to the whole man theory and the VASRD but the VA only makes combined ratings at 10% increments.

Help for veterans: va disability ratings taking too long, It definitely does take a while, and it all depends on the situation as well on how long it takes for a disability rating to go through, for example. Some tips for filing a va disability claim – vantage point, Filing a first claim for disability compensation can be a stressful experience. Va claims for service connected disability compensation, A veteran based forum to guide veterans through the veterans affairs process for filing a claim for service connected disability compensation. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
3 Powerful Steps to Improve YOUR VA Sleep Apnea Claim and Maximize the Benefits you are Entitled To.
3 Powerful Tools that will help Veterans Improve their VA Claim and Maximize the VA Disability Benefits they are entitled to. You're not going to win a VA Sleep Apnea Claim by asking the VA to connect the dots for you. Diabetes - which is known to be caused by Agent Orange exposure - has a causative connection with Sleep Apnea.

A single sleep apnea sleep study diagnosing sleep apnea is rarely going to be enough to prove your claim.
You're going to need lay and medical evidence to build the causative chain of symptoms and diagnoses. All but one of them have built in errors of rounding and will produce errors when long strings of disabilities are entered. The Combined Ratings Table is the only correct way to do it correctly but, Miltstar's spreadsheet is the only one known to do the math properly.

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