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BERBERIS DARWINII Dense colourful fast growing evergreen hedge with bright, shiny, very prickly holly-like, dark green leaves. BOX, DWARF Buxus sempervirens SuffruticosaVery dense small-leaved evergreen, with dark green glossy foliage slightly smaller than Common Box. COTONEASTER Semi-evergreen hedge with glossy, small dark green leaves, some of which turn red in autumn and winter. HollyA spectacular, evergreen, female form with nearly spine-free leaves green in centre with bright gold margins. LAVENDER HIDCOTE Evergreen with silver-grey narrow leaves and masses of violet flower spikes July to September.
PHOTINIA FRASERI RED ROBIN Photinia Red Robin plants makes an excellent evergreen hedge that is attractive year round but especially in early Spring and Summer when the new foliage is a stunning bronze red. PYRACANTHA, ORANGE GLOW (Red and yellow also available) Dense, spiny, fast growing evergreen hedge with clusters of white flowers in June and masses of bunches of spherical, very colourful berries in autumn and winter.
Heads of pink buds open into white flowers, turning pink with age, from September to April, at the same time as it has red fruits slowly aging to dark blue.

Small white flowers, tinged pink in June attract honey and bumble bees followed by persistent red berries in autumn.
The glossy leaves are oval in shape and up to 10cm long meaning that with good pruning the Photinia quickly makes an evergreen screen offering good privacy.
Showy flat flower heads, two to four inches (5-10cm) across, pink in bud, opening to white, appear from November to May followed by dark blue-black fruit. We use cookies that are strictly necessary to enable you to move around the site or to provide certain basic features.
Heads of small intensely scented flowers followed by oval fruit which is metallic blue turning back when mature.
Clothed in masses of rich orange flowers May to June, followed by edible blue barberries which are excellent in jams and preserves. Shade tolerant.HEDGE Trim back vigorous shoots after flowering and trim to shape in February. Can be kept as small neat hedge as long as it is regularly well pruned.HEDGE Trim in September. It does best when planted in full to part sunny conditions and will tolerate all soils as long as they are fairly free draining.

Excellent winter flowering informal hedge which is shade tolerant.HEDGE Trim after flowering.
We use cookies to enhance the functionality of the website by storing your preferences, for example. Makes a good dense hedge and can be kept relatively low and narrow if regularly clipped.HEDGE Trim in September. The growth rate of most Photinia plants is fast when compared to most shrubs and can easily exceed 30 cm per year under good growing conditions.HEDGE Trim in spring. For taller hedges or screens the planting distance should be about a quarter of the proposed height.
Grows best in Full sun – partial shade conditions, any soil, fertilise well on planting for the best results.

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