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How to create a wildlife-friendly garden Wildlife-friendly gardens are not only more interesting as you can watch all the comings and goings, but they are often more productive as many creatures will help increase pollination. Garden ponds act as a magnet to dragonflies and damsel flies, along wRead full articleJuly pruning of trees, shrubs and climbers Early-summer- flowering shrubs can be pruned this month to keep them vigorous and flowering well.

Its foliage is slimer than the species, darker green color, and the plant can be used as an onamental hedge. It is also the ideal time to prune several trees that are prone to bleeding if pruned at other times, and it’s not too late to complete the pruning jobs for Read full articleEvergreens for leaf alone The Victorians loved evergreens and they planted Aucuba japonica widely. Slowly, the Malwa lord rose up, leaning on the table.cranberry in south carolinamohawk korean spiceplicatum f.

Familiarity shouldn’t breed contempt though, for the all-green leaves of Rozannie are a high gloss rich green and red berries also follow.

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