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Vintage advertising -- found in my mother's basement, flea markets and various corners of the Internet -- dusted off and displayed for your viewing pleasure. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. If you think you've become a victim of a Weiss deception read THIS.If you're a budding collector, it will be prudent to buy pieces in the mid and lower price ranges, to avoid expensive mistakes. If you need proof, of just how desirable antique costume jewelry is, just check out the costume jewelry adorning today's Hollywood celebrities and royalty too!
Instead of diamonds, rubies and sapphires set in silver or gold, early costume jewelry designers used bakelite, brass and other alloys, like celluloid, enamel, horn, paint, paper, rubber, textiles and wood.
Inside the art movements of the 1920s a€?material snobbisma€™ was tossed aside by young designers who rejected imitating expensive authentic jewelry and worked hard to make a€?fake jewelrya€™ acceptable.
Look out for sumptuous vintage costume jewelry in good condition and costume jewelry in red.
If the jewelry is signed, so much the better, it will fall into Designer Costume Jewelry category. Cocktail Jewelry was made to show off in, to wear at the new cocktail hour that had taken off in the 1920s in Europe. Bubbly and bold, women could dazzle away the evening with their fantastic jewels and glamorous evening wear. Early Antique Costume Jewels of the 1930s will appear geometric looking, like heavier versions of Art Deco Jewelry. Royalty no longer held sway over the image of the women so much as the Hollywood movie stars such as Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake. Antique Costume jewels are full of life and strength and it thrived in the 1930s and 1940s when the right kind of jewels to go with that evening cocktail dress demanded luxurious costume jewels. Keep your eye out for bows and knots of all descriptions, they were an essential motif forming the main motif or tied around the centre of a costume brooch forcing simple flower-heads into splaying fan shapes each side. Bracelets were chunky with mechanical motifs, and some of the most beautiful were made only of gold, or colored gold in angular or chevron shaped links. For the ultimate in luxury watches have a look at the cocktail wristwatches or 'montres bracelets' that were then popular.
Cartoon like animals, rigid gold figures of scarecrows, clowns, ballerinas all set with tiny colored stones gradually crept into Antique Costume Jewelry design. Visit the DFW Events Calendar Cattle Baron’s Ball page for info, dates, times, tickets, links, locations, etc. Vintage costume jewelry is perhaps the easiest way to wear vintage for any modern woman of any background, style or size.
You can be a top-level executive CEO and wear a pair of Trifari vintage earrings with your power suit. While brands like Gems TV offer real silver jewelry at affordable prices, the truth I’ll stand behind is that vintage costume jewelry is the best way to find a piece of top quality jewelry engraved with affordable legacy and a commitment to craftsmanship that lasts.

It was thanks to 1950s fashion that costume jewelry rose in prominence for the everyday woman to wear. I didn’t share every single vintage costume jewelry designer in this post – or every single fact!
Founded … Monet was founded in 1919 by brothers Michael and Joseph Chernow as a monogramming business.
A brief back story … Monet can be thanked for many technological advancements in jewelry production. Value today … Modern Monet is easy to purchase from any department store jewelry counter.
The Monet insignia was not on jewelry before 1955, so if you find a piece of Monet without the name inscribed you’ve potentially found a pre-1955 piece. Founded … Coro was unofficially first founded in 1901 by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberg.
Look for other vintage jewelry by designers Francois, Gene Verecchio, Oscar Placco, Robert Geissman and Mass Raimond. Founded … Trifari was founded in the early 19th century teens by Gustavo Trifari, an Italian immigrant son.
A brief back story … Trifari is perhaps the most celebrity-catered brand of the vintage costume jewelry industry, having adorned the likes of first lady Mamie Eisenhower (who famously wore Trifari costume jewelry lookalike pearls to both of her inaugural ball) and Madonna. If you’ve discovered a piece of Trifari from the 1940s World War Two era, you may have your hands on a piece of sterling silver. Trifari is particularly valuable for vintage costume jewelry thanks to its connection with French designer Alfred Philippe, who also designed for Van Cleef and Arpels.
Purchasing a piece of Trifari today is not purchasing the quality it was yesterday, considering pieces are made abroad and not with the intents of dressing First Ladies at their inaugural balls. Founded … Out of this list, Avon is the oldest, having been founded in 1886 as a perfumer. A brief back story … Avon was a perfume and makeup company without jewelry until 1963.
Values shown in this price guide reflect the actual selling price in the venue stated (in parenthesis after the value). Many think that this jewelry has become very common and makes it hard to identify between authentic and fake reproductions.
Trifari's jelly belly pins and Eisenberg Originals have been widely forged and often have a fake signatures. Often with a flexible gold band they were set with a huge central gem set surrounding the watch face.
These innovative luxury watches were made in Switzerland, by leading watch manufacturers, Rolex, Baume-Mercier, Piaget, Patek Philippe, and Gubelin of Lucerne.
Or, you could be an underground DJ spinning in Tokyo with a piece of Monet from the ’70s hanging like a Flava Flav chain from your neck.

Whatever style suits your fashionable needs can and will be fulfilled by the digital marketplace. Most seasoned #vintagelovers credit Coco Chanel with popularizing costume jewelry, as she introduced faux jewels to wear with each of her collections.
As necklines dipped lower and hair became shorter, the need to wear earrings, bracelets and necklaces every single day became not just a trend, but outfit protocol. Beginning in the ’50s, it’s safe to say that jewelry was as ubiquitous on a woman as wearing a pair of shoes!
These were crisp, clean gold and silver plated pieces without stones that were suitable for everyday and business wear. It later became a three-partner brand that was so successful, many historians of vintage costume jewelry would surely tell you it was Trifari that made costume jewelry so mainstream in the first place. Reason being, war rations prevented the use of metal so Trifari was forced to use sterling instead, tripling prices of the Trifari products. In the 1940s, Trifari made the corps emblems for the British Royal Air Force.
Avon is a brand representative of female empowerment because founder David McConnell established Avon with the intent of offering women the opportunity to go into business for themselves as consultants for the company. I forgot to mention that the Monet Mesh Choker is available at my etsy shop The Vintage Cornucopia!
I found this blog post searching for vintage costume jewelry brand names, researching some older pieces than the designers you feature in this post. Prices realized for similar collectible jewelry sold in other venues may be higher or lower depending on market fluctuations and geographical region. The jewelry became popular and so wise to listen to their customer’s demands, Avon launched jewelry in the 1970s as its own line of product.
You should observe older patterns and styles in order to identify what designs were used in those days. The designer, Edmond Mario Granville, would remain with the company until his death in 1969. I am very interested in learning more about your services and I have ordered the sample chapter of your book. Many people believe that old pieces have charms and stories affiliated to them, this is another interesting reason to collect vintage accessories. You could also use a magnifying glass to look for marks; it will give a more detailed observation. There is no need to buy items just because they are antique; look for those that match your taste and preferences.

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