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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Integrate classic elegance to your wedding with our Vintage Filigree Austrian Crystal Gold Earrings.
Design in gold color plating in a pave hoop top, fully encrusted with dazzling crystals ? a great addition of shimmer in your bridal ensemble.
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To make this bracelet you are going to need a handful of vintage earrings, flat metal connectors, metal jump rings, needle nose pliers, industrial strength glue, a jewelry closure, and work scissors. The other kind of earring I ran into had the top of the earring and the bottom of the earring as two separate disks. Once you have removed the backs of the earrings, it is time to glue the front to the flat metal connectors.
Filed Under: Crafting About BethanyOn the quest to be the most glamorous housewife of all time. NOW I know what I am going to do with a lot of the earrings I inherited from my grandmother.

There is a much better type of clasp to use on bracelets because it is easy to open and close with one hand! Love your bracelet!, just one thought, wouldn’t it be easier to connect if you connected all the links first, then glued the earrings on?
The post with lever back closure lock present in our inexpensive bridal earrings will assure you maximum security on your ears all throughout the event.
I am an avid pinner, and I love everything about Pinterest, except for one thing: I seem to spend more time pinning than actually doing! Using the needle nose pliers I carefully opened up the oval hoops and threaded one side through a hole in the disk.
I have some trouble opening it due to my long nails, but if those weren’t in the way it would be fairly easy to get on and off. I adore the yellow and white vintage earrings and I can’t wait to wear it around town.
I want to try that, I find earrings all the time at estate sales I go to, what a fun and fashionable way to wear them! I’m not the craftiest, but I have a lot of old earrings from before I started stretching my ears, and it would be great to put them to some use.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you happen to have some old vintage earrings that you don’t wear, maybe it is time to give them a second life by turning them into a bracelet. Jeanette takes heirloom earrings and turns them into bracelets which was obviously my inspiration. Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter on the side or top bar so you won't miss the Friday video that can only be seen by those who receive the newsletter. Of course she does a much better job of it than I did, so if you like this project but don’t want to spend the time making it, visit her shop here.

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