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Additional Information: Your item will be securely packaged and presented in a lovely gift box. Vintage costume jewelry – Has a natural inherent boldness, so do not attempt to mix it with metal colors. Gleam and shine are important – Most vintage pieces are encrusted with crystals and rhinestones. Making your own piece – Making your own vintage jewelry is a fun experience and who knows, it might turn into a business someday. This type of jewelry is quite expensive, if the store is selling cheap ones they are not authentic. Should you have any questions about this item please feel free to email or call at 323-369-3329. I like this Bogoff set- the rhinestones are very clear and full of fire, and overall the pair has a very elegant look.
For instance, a brass necklace won’t work with a silver ring because it looks tacky and more outdated.

Other varieties include heart diamond ring, gold ring, flower diamond ring, diamond solitaire rings, antique ring, brooches, antique vintage rhinestone bracelets, earrings and necklaces and hair accessories. Incorporate it by attaching a chain or wear it as a clip or pendant to get a classic style, Lost paired earrings can be glued or sanded off as a ring blank, pin or pendant. You don’t need to purchase more ornaments since these pieces can meet your fashion requirements.
There are plenty of online stores that can provide you different types of vintage jewelry supplies. You should also be aware that there are fake people trying to cheat you for big cash by selling false and impure vintage jewelry.
A good manufacturer or distributor will have a quick exchange and free return facility for their customers. The mount measures 20mm in length and 8mm in width and the ring rises 5mm from the finger. Vintage jewelry has unique cuts, brilliant stones, vibrant color combination, and quality craftsmanship.

Wedding bands come with different carvings and can be found in silver and gold.  Vintage inspired ones are cheaper than the real ones and you can find them in the market. A huge ring can be attached with colorful chiffon scarf by draping the scarf on your neck and try to pull the ends for a chic look!
However, it is advisable to buy them in jewelry stores that sell vintage pieces to ensure their authenticity and the seller’s credentials. So, if you are wondering how these pieces look on you, below are the ways on how to incorporate them in your wardrobe.

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