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While I had fun dressing up and imagining what it feels like to be an ideal housewife it’s not necessary that you style the earrings the same way. The winner will be announced on Facebook on 14 August 2012, so to stay informed you may wish to like us on Facebook. This giveaway is open for Australian residents only and closes on midnight Sunday, 12August 2012. I have a rebonz account now (never seen them before) I am now following them on twitter (I already follow you) and have retweeted about your blog and comp. Hi, I just wanted to step by, and say thanks for your nice comment on my blog, however I clicked through yours a bit, and I love it.

I really love this simplistic look, it really sets a nice background for the lucious earrings!
They are pretty multi tasking and will go perfectly with a classic LBD, a tailored suit or almost any evening dress you own. Winner will be chosen on the above criteria with the most points and will be identified via random number generator.
Tweeting, retweeting, linking and sharing on Facebook or Twitter etc – including to importantly tag the official CrashingRed Facebook page or Reebonz Australia Facebook page will count as extra entries. I tried to accept your invitation, but it said it wasn’t available for my country (US) does this matter?

These photos are just my vision of how I’d wear these fabulous vintage Chanel earrings.
I couldnt follow the twitter account as it was down for some reason, liked the facebook and following you.

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