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Negative Effects of B12 DeficiencyB12 deficiency is a reduction of cyanocobalamin in the body.
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Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are VERY subtle.You could have Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and not know it until it is too late. Signs of Vitamin A DeficiencyWhat changes in the eye result from a deficiency of vitamin A? The Vitamin Update - CataractsAlthough cataracts usually aren't painful, they may sometimes cause swelling in the lens . Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient required for your overall well being and it’s a highly effective vitamin to cure tinnitus.
I am a creative writer, who loves to explore various facts, ideas, and aspects of life and pen them down in my words. In a recent study on vitamin B12 deficiency and antacid medications, doctors from Kaiser Permanente found further evidence proving that people who take stomach acid-inhibiting drugs for GERD (acid reflux) and heartburn are more likely than others to develop significant vitamin B12 anemia over time. If you suffer from gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), chronic heartburn, or peptic ulcers, then you’re chances of developing vitamin B12 deficiency (aka pernicious anemia) are higher than normal, according to a California study published in JAMA. In order to digest vitamin B12 from the foods you eat, your body uses digestive enzymes produced in the stomach; without these essential stomach acids, you would not be able to absorb vitamin B12- it would just pass through the digestive system untouched. And such is the case with patients using certain antacid medications to treat chronic acid reflux, stomach ulcers, painful heartburn, and esophageal strictures. Likewise, elderly individuals who stop producing sufficient stomach acids as a result of old age are also at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency. In the Kaiser study, doctors examined patients using proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) and histamine 2 receptor antagonists (H2RAs) who also had vitamin B12 deficiency.
Untreated, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to severe nerve damage, dementia, and increased risk for heart attack and stroke. However, even the earliest and middle stages of vitamin B12 deficiency can be extremely debilitating- enough to make daily functioning difficult and tiring.
Once you start noticing even the earliest symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, that’s a sign that your vitamin B12 levels have already dropped to a dangerous low.
A simple blood test may indicate if you have vitamin B12 deficiency, but it’s best not to wait for diagnosis to begin supplementing.
Also, the median used to determine vitamin B12 levels is too low to catch the earliest signs of vitamin B12 deficiency.
With vitamin B12 malabsorption, vitamin B12 pills are useless, as they pass through the stomach undigested.
You may find that monthly sessions of vitamin B12 shots are not enough to make you feel “normal” again. Quick note: If you can’t digest vitamin B12 in the stomach, then you have to manually insert it into your blood stream through the skin. The Tufts University Framingham Offspring Study suggests that 40 percent of people between the ages of 26 and 83 have plasma vitamin B12 levels in the low-normal range – a range at which many people still experience neurological symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and numb, tingling muscles. Outright vitamin B12 deficiency was exhibited by 9 percent of the study participants and 16 percent exhibited “near deficiency”.  Low vitamin B12 levels were as common in younger people as they were in the elderly, to the surprise of the researchers. The human body needs vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, protect the nerves, synthesize DNA, and carry out other crucial functions. Some people don’t consume enough vitamin B12 to meet their needs, while others can’t absorb enough, no matter how much they take in, leading to vitamin B12 deficiency that can be difficult to diagnose. Second, the low end of the laboratory reference range for vitamin B12 deficiency is too low.
Usually, 1,000mcg doses of vitamin B12 taken biweekly or monthly will suffice, but it’s important to judge by your symptoms. Fortunately, vitamin B12 is safe to take in any amount, according to FDA guidelines, so you can take as much vitamin B12 as you think you need to increase your energy and improve your mood, without worrying about any harmful side effects. If you found this article helpful, then please share with your friends, family, and coworkers by email, twitter, or Facebook.
Are your ears ringing?  For many, vitamin B12 deficiency is a cause of tinnitus symptoms; constant sounds in your ears like ringing, beeping, humming, buzzing, or rushing sounds may indicate a need for more vitamin B12. The following is a partial list of natural elements that may help with tinnitus and provide many other healthful benefits.
If you think you may require Vitamin B12 for tinnitus symptoms, ask your doctor to conduct a vitamin B12 blood screening test. Consult a qualified health care professional to find out the root cause of your condition and whether or not you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency.
Vitamin B12 is safe to use without a prescription, as there are no FDA upper limits imposed on vitamin B12 supplementation. Tinnitus is a neurological disorder that causes you to hear constant noises in your ears that don’t exist in your parameter.
So, you think fatigue and painful tingling and numbness are the only real symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency? Vitamin B12 is needed for many important tasks all over your body, including sustaining neurological health, promoting normal red blood cell production, synthesizing energy, and supporting cognitive integrity.
It’s no wonder that over time, a sustained deficiency in vitamin B12 levels can lead to a virtual body breakdown, causing debilitating symptoms that impair the way you think, behave, and function throughout your days. If you found this article helpful, then please share with your friends, family, and coworkers by email, Facebook, or Google+. If you ever feel exhausted after finishing a high-impact aerobics class, or if you sometimes wake up feeling groggy and irritable from a sleepless night, then…congratulations!
People who suffer from chronic fatigue- a severe loss of energy- feel that way most of the time, even after sleeping well the entire night, even after climbing a few flights of stair, and in many cases as a result of vitamin B12 deficiency.
Chronic fatigue occurs with many chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and Crohn’s disease.
Vitamin B12 deficiency occurs at the same time as many autoimmune disorders that cause overwhelming fatigue. Because there is no upper limit established for vitamin B12 supplementation, there is no danger of overdose. In fact, several scientific studies focusing on vitamin B12 and energy levels found significant health benefits when individuals took large mega-doses of vitamin B12 supplements.
Tags: Chronic fatigue vitamin B12 deficiency, Low Energy B12, Tired all the time, vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms, Vitamin B12 for energy Posted in Vitamin B12 for energy! Raising children is challenging for people from all walks of life; when you suffer from a chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), parenting can be doubly difficult. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome cause debilitating symptoms such as extreme tiredness, excruciating pain, frequent illness and severe malnutrition problems such as vitamin B12 deficiency and iron deficiency. Below are expert parenting tips that are helpful for moms and dads suffering from any chronic illness, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Parenting experts recommend being open with your children about fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and encouraging regular communication. If you regularly take your children to school or pick them up at the end of the day, then it’s a good idea to have a backup plan for days when you are physically unable to leave your bed or get into a car. It’s hard to stay consistent when you’re struggling with an illness that doesn’t follow any predictable pattern.
The best way to do that is to incorporate a certain amount of flexibility into your regular routine, whether it be impromptu visits with grandma or grandpa or the occasional extended TV time while mommy recuperates.
Never lose track of the things that are most important in life while trying to compensate for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. What matters most to your children, after all is said and done, is that you are there for them, and that you always will be. One of the best (and most obvious) tips for parenting with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is to be your own best healthcare advocate. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a condition that affects all parts of our body- our brain, digestive system, metabolism, and more. Vitamin B12 protects our nerve cells from damage by sustaining the myelin sheath, a fatty coating that surrounds each individual nerve cell, boosting intercellular communication and shielding our nervous system network from damage.
Without vitamin B12, your myelin coating gradually disintegrates in a process referred to as demyelination. One of the most important functions that vitamin B12 performs in our body is sustaining production of healthy red blood cells.
Pernicious anemia is one cause of vitamin B12 deficiency, and it causes our red blood cell count to plummet, causing symptoms of oxygen loss.
There are many strong correlations between vitamin B12 deficiency and gastrointestinal disorders. Your immune system may also be compromised with long-term vitamin B12 deficiency, reducing our ability to fight viruses, infections, or other diseases.
There is a high correlation between long-term vitamin B12 deficiency and problems with infertility and pregnancy.
Over time, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to ailments affecting your bone, tissue, and joint health. The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can impair a wide range of bodily functions, including your neurological, metabolic, and emotional health. A vitamin deficiency is what occurs anytime your body doesn’t have enough of a nutrient that it needs in order to fulfill your basic needs.  Vitamin B12 deficiency is one such type of malnourishment that is sometimes caused by diet, but can also result from other factors, such as autoimmune disorder, medications, illness, or surgical procedures. Even if you are a meat-eater, you may still be at risk for suffering a slow depletion of vitamin B12. Also, if you regularly suffer gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea, vomiting, acid reflux, or stomach ulcers, then you may need to replenish your vitamin B12 levels. Patients of gastric bypass surgery or ileostomy should also be on the alert for warning symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, as removal of the ileum interferes with vitamin B12 absorption.
The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency manifest themselves in many areas of the body, as vitamin B12 is crucial for a wide range of biochemical functions. Vitamin B12 protects your nervous system by maintaining healthy myelin, a coating that encases each nerve cell, enhancing intercellular communication and preserving nerve cell integrity. Vitamin B12 also regulates DNA synthesis, in supporting formation of healthy red blood cells. Vitamin B12 also promotes cognitive health, as it helps to delay the onset of dementia caused by old age. Here is a short list of the most common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, ranging in order from the mild deficiency to severe depletion. Active vitamin B12 is cobalamin that has bound itself to the protein transcobalamin (TC), forming a vitamin B12 complex known as holotranscobalamin (HoloTC), or active vitamin B12. Active vitamin B12 is the only type that your body is able to access and use for neurological health, energy production, and red blood cell distribution. A deficiency in active vitamin B12 is what causes symptoms like brain fog, painful tingling and numbness, depression, and chronic fatigue.
According to this study on vitamin B12 screening that is exactly what happens in many cases; a significant number of people tested for vitamin B12 deficiency received a positive diagnosis because their total vitamin B12 levels were low, even though they exhibited none of the telltale symptoms. The opposite is also true; a B12 blood test result indicating normal cobalamin levels does not, in reality, confirm the absence of vitamin B12 deficiency. Scientists estimate that half of all people who suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency do not receive treatment, because of false B12 test results.
Only by testing for active vitamin B12 in the blood can doctors efficiently and accurately diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency, as indicated in this study on Holotranscobalamin levels in patients with B12 deficiency.
In scientific studies proving that vitamin B12 delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists tested for active vitamin B12, HoloHC, not total B12 levels.
Because of current methods of testing for vitamin B12 deficiency, you are not likely to receive treatment until you start experiencing the signs, and damage, linked with insufficient vitamin B12 levels. Currently, testing for active vitamin B12 is not the norm.  If you believe that you have vitamin B12 deficiency, but your doctor doesn’t, you have a few options. Refer to the vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms checklist, and ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin B12 shots, even if your B12 blood tests came back normal. John, a sixty-seven-year-old man, recently retired from teaching high school, then went back to work as a security guard at the school gate.
I determined that John probably had tinnitus, the symptoms of which are hearing phantom sounds in the ear, including buzzing, clicking, hissing, ringing, or whistling, when there is no external noise.
Subjective tinnitus is the most common form, and only the person can hear or feel it in this type. Objective tinnitus is the type where both the patient and the doctor doing the examination can feel the sound. The above depicts the organ of corti of inner ear, there are about 15,000 micorscopic sensory hair cells, which are very fragile and easily damaged. For this type of tinnitus, the treatment might be lidocaine injections to the inner ear, and benzodiazepine to calm the person and decrease his or her anxiety, tricyclic antidepressants to decrease depression, or carbamazepine and melatonin to help decrease the tinnitus. John underwent TCM treatment for reducing excessive heat with SI 19 Ting Gong and GB 2 Ting Hui points on both sides, and Liv 3 Tai Chong and St 36 Zu San Li, all of which were utilized to decrease excessive heat in the kidney and to improve his kidney and stomach function. In my personal experience, the Ting Gong, Ting Hui, and Er Meng are the most important points, and by using this acupuncture treatment plus electrical stimulation each session for 30 minutes three times a week for one to two months, the tinnitus symptoms will most likely greatly decrease.
Always massage points SJ 21, SI 19, and GB 2 for 30 minutes each session, 2 sessions per day.

The problem of tinnitus may result from ear infections, presence of foreign objects in the ear and nasal allergies.
Consumption of black cohosh can increase peripheral blood flow which may help in treating the problem of Meniere’s disease.
It is interesting to note that vitamin B-12 deficiency can increase the risk of developing tinnitus. Nobody loves getting injections, but if you need regular vitamin B12 supplements, then you’re all too familiar with vitamin B12 injection pain. If you have vitamin B12 deficiency from pernicious anemia or as a result of bariatric surgery, then you must supplement with vitamin B12 regularly in order to prevent debilitating symptoms such as fatigue, depression, muscle pain, memory loss, and other signs of cognitive and neurological breakdown.
Vitamin B12 injections are not for the faint of heart, though, as they must be inserted in thick, deep muscular tissue in order to work. Before injecting with vitamin B12, apply ice to your thigh, hip, or groin- wherever you plan on inserting the needle.
If you receive vitamin B12 injections often, then it’s important not to use the same location on the body as your injection site two times in a row. This may be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you’re usually nervous about sharp needles, but it really does help to sit in a comfortable position before submitting to a vitamin B12 shot, and force your muscles to relax as the needle goes in and the thick fluid enters your muscular tissue.
It’s okay to pass the needle to somebody else, even if you’ve opted for vitamin B12 self-injections.
If your child requires vitamin B12 injections on a regular basis, then keeping her mind occupied on something else for just a few seconds can help to reduce the fear and the pain. Some vitamin manufacturers offer gentle, non-dietary forms of vitamin B12 that don’t require injection with sharp needles, yet contain the same 1,000mcg dose of essential vitamin B12 nutrients.
Alternative vitamin B12 supplementation is also a healthy, safe way to boost energy levels between vitamin B12 injections, when your doctor doesn’t prescribe enough vitamin B12 to alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, painful numbness and tingling, and memory problems. It’s hard to describe fibromyalgia (FMS) pain, as there are so many different ways that it affects your body.  Nerve pain from vitamin B12 deficiency, which occurs often with fibromyalgia, causes numbness and sharp “pins and needles” sensations.
Hyperalgesia refers to a hyperactive response to pain (algesia).  With fibromyalgia, pain signals are amplified. RX: Drugs like Lyrica and Cymbalta are often prescribed to treat nerve pain from fibromyalgia.
Similar to Hyperalgesia, allodynia is also an overreaction to sensors that causes immense nerve pain.
Other people who may suffer from allodynia are people with peripheral neuropathy, such as occurs in pernicious anemia from vitamin B12 deficiency, a comorbid condition with fibromyalgia. It’s worth noting that if vitamin B12 deficiency occurs with fibromyalgia, long-term supplementation with vitamin B12 is required for complete treatment of nerve pain. Paresthesia is a type of nerve pain that makes your skin “crawl.” That’s the best description that fibromyalgia patients offer to sum up the painful prickling, burning, and numbness experienced with paresthesia.
Besides fibromyalgia, other causes of paresthesia are peripheral neuropathy from vitamin B12 deficiency, multiple sclerosis, and migraines. RX: Certain antidepressants like SSRIs and SNRIs may help to reduce paresthesia nerve pain.
Also, as vitamin B12 is essential for protecting the nerve cells, many fibromyalgia patients who receive prescription vitamin B12 shots see a significant improvement after a short time. The National Institutes of Health Medical Encyclopedia describes overwhelming fatigue as one of the earliest symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, in addition to painful tingling in the hands and feet, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating. Specifically, lack of energy from vitamin B12 deficiency is the result of not getting enough oxygen to the brain.
You see, vitamin B12 (cobalamin) plays an active role in helping your body produce normal, healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body.  So, your body relies on adequate levels of vitamin B12 for red blood cell production. With pernicious anemia, one cause of vitamin B12 deficiency, red blood cells come out too large, misshapen, and are unable to make their way out of your bone marrow and into your blood stream, resulting in a dramatic decrease in total numbers of red blood cells in your body…and in your brain. As a result, you feel the effects of low oxygen as tiredness, low energy, mental confusion, dizziness, memory loss, and inability to concentrate- all because you’re not getting enough vitamin B12. Worse, long-term vitamin B12 can lead to severe irreparable nerve damage and increased risk for heart attack and stroke. The case can also be made for supplementing with vitamin B12 even if you’re not suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. Several scientific studies focusing on high-doses of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) found that mega-doses of 2,500-5,000 mcg of vitamin B12 produced a 50%-80% increase of energy, productivity, and feelings of wellness in healthy individuals who did not have vitamin B12 deficiency. We know that vitamin B12 helps your body take carbohydrates from foods that you eat and convert them into energy. Vitamin B12 also promotes a healthy metabolism, regulates your nervous system, and helps to sustain brain mass in your old age. Tags: Vitamin B12, vitamin b12 benefits, vitamin b12 cobalamin, vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin B12 energy, vitamin b12 patch, vitamin b12 shots Posted in Vitamin B12 for energy!
TweetShare“I feel better than I did 20 years ago,” wrote Madonna to her personal chef.  What’s the secret to her Fountain of Youth? Madonna’s known to take a couple of jabs every now and then- jabs of vitamin B12 shots, that is.  She attributes her youthful complexion to large doses of vitamin B12, claiming that they also boost energy and help her think more clearly. Perhaps that explains her amazing stamina and flexibility during her half-time performance recently. By eating good-for-the-gut foods that supply healthy microbes, Madonna is naturally maintaining her digestive system and lowering her risks for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and pernicious anemia from vitamin B12 deficiency. There are many ways of getting vitamin B12 deficiency, and one of them includes digestive system disorder.  Any time there is damage to the stomach lining or small intestines, you run the risk of depleting your sources of vitamin B12.
That’s because a certain digestive enzyme, intrinsic factor, is produced in the stomach, and your body requires intrinsic factor in order to absorb vitamin B12 from foods like meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.  But certain illnesses that affect the digestive system- Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, GERD- result in vitamin B12 malabsorption.
The initial signs of vitamin B12 deficiency often emulate other underlying ailments which you might have, which explains why doctors sometimes neglect to check vitamin B12 levels in the blood.
Over time, as your body expends more vitamin B12 without supplementation, neurological damage can occur, in addition to increased risk for mental illness, heart attack, and stroke. So, by getting her mega doses of vitamin B12 and eating gut-friendly foods containing healthy bacteria, Madonna is effectively maintaining healthy B12 levels, and reaping the benefits of increased energy, mental clarity, an active metabolism, and maximum neurological health.
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There are many myths surrounding chronic pain like vitamin B12 deficiency neuropathy, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue; in coping with pain symptoms, it’s important to be able to separate fact from fiction. While most healthy people don’t require extra vitamin supplements, people with chronic illnesses require vitamin supplements like vitamin B12, in addition to many other essential vitamins and minerals. That’s because chronic pain creates an environment that inhibits vitamin B12 absorption.  Symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and gastritis make it difficult or impossible for you to digest vitamin B12 naturally from foods. Additionally, vitamin B12 deficiency may be difficult to diagnose with chronic pain disorders, as many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis mask important clues that indicate low vitamin B12 levels.
Used as directed, and under the guidance of your physician, there is no reason why you will become addicted to opioids, nor should you need to increase the dose in order to sustain the same amount of pain relief. Popping OTC painkillers can be dangerous to your liver, kidneys, and digestive system.  Don’t ignore a serious medical condition by self-treating with pain relievers- always consult your doctor when chronic pain occurs.
Chronic pain management requires a multi-pronged approach including medications, stress reduction, and physical therapy.  Today, integrated medicine incorporates alternative approaches like acupuncture, vitamin B12, herbs, yoga, and meditation in coping with chronic pain.
This is a particularly hurtful myth that affects many chronic pain sufferers, and it sometimes prevents people from seeking help.  Trying to ignore chronic pain doesn’t make you brave or strong- it increases your chances of suffering from depression and anxiety down the line. Different people feel pain differently, just like one person may cope with pain differently from you.  That doesn’t mean that your pain symptoms are worse or stronger than others’ are. Current research indicates that moderate exercise is perfectly safe for people with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain, and actually relieves pain by producing endorphins. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful in order to strengthen your muscles, nor should it cause burning sensations.  On the contrary, pain is a sign that you’re doing it wrong and need to modify your workout. Chronic pain should not be tolerated as a necessary side effect of aging, and it’s important that your doctor understands that.  Many ailments like arthritis, vitamin B12 deficiency neuropathy, and fatigue are easily treatable, regardless of age. Many young adults and adolescents suffer from chronic pain resulting from celiac disease, fibromyalgia, migraines, and vitamin B12 deficiency neuropathy.
Chronic pain is an invisible illness- people with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue may put on a brave face, but that doesn’t mean they’re not suffering inside. It’s important to understand what we mean when we refer to the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Every time you take in the mouthwatering scent of food cooking on a grill, or feel the bite of winter frost on your nose, that’s your peripheral nervous system at work.  Even your inner bodily functions like breathing, blood pressure, and digestion are controlled by your peripheral nerves.
Your central nervous system is well protected by your skull and by a blood-brain barrier.  The same can’t be said for your peripheral nervous system, unfortunately.
The only protection your PNS has includes a coating of a fatty protein called myelin that insulates each and every strand of peripheral nerve cells, very similar to the way cable wires are protected by a strong coat of rubber. When myelin erodes, as it does with certain illnesses, your nerve cells may be damaged by free radicals, bacteria, or a number of other threats.  The results are symptoms like nerve pain, tingling, and numbness.
There are only two main causes of peripheral nerve damage- either an inherited genetic anomaly, or an acquired condition, like pernicious anemia-vitamin B12 deficiency, and other autoimmune disorders. Testing for vitamin B12 deficiency and intrinsic factor antibodies is an important first step in diagnosing the cause of peripheral nerve damage. Pain relief treatments will only block the pain, but they don’t address the underlying condition, and they won’t repair the nerve damage. If peripheral nerve damage is caught in time, then the nerve cells will heal themselves, but only if the threat is removed or reduced. Untreated, severe nerve damage may become permanent.  Myelin damage could lead to multiple sclerosis (MS), in either your generation or the next.
Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining your myelin sheath, so that your nerve cells come to no harm.
Vitamin B12 occurs in meat, fish, cheese, and egg products, but even people who eat plenty of beef and dairy products may be at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency.  Many factors may inhibit vitamin B12 absorption, like autoimmune disorder, gastrointestinal problems, or simply old age. If you are diagnosed with low levels of vitamin B12, then it is crucial that you get your vitamin B12 levels back to normal, in order to avoid symptoms of prolonged vitamin B12 deficiency, such as severe nerve damage.
If you have been suffering from neuropathy for some time, it might still not be too late to benefit from intense vitamin B12 supplementation.  Depending on the extent of nerve damage, a regimen of weekly B12 will aid in nerve cell reparation quickly, efficiently. Pernicious anemia (PA)-vitamin B12 deficiency is a disorder that alters your red blood cells and lowers your oxygen supply to the brain. Other symptoms of pernicious anemia may include “pins and needles” or numbness in hands and feet, difficulty walking straight, decreased motor control, depression, anxiety, muscular pain, infertility, and vision problems.
Iron deficiency is sometimes caused by not eating enough iron-rich foods, but it can also result from severe blood loss, pregnancy, menstruation, or…autoimmune disorders, like celiac disease or…pernicious anemia. Unfortunately, iron deficiency is a comorbid condition of pernicious anemia.  So if you’ve been diagnosed with pernicious anemia, because of either intrinsic factor autoimmune disorder or gastritis, then you run a high risk of also suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Findings from studies such as this JAMA report on iron deficiency anemia note a significantly strong correlation with vitamin B12 deficiency.
Iron deficiency causes many of the same symptoms as vitamin B12 deficiency- tiredness, moodiness, and general discomfort. In the JAMA study, participants who received regular supplementation of vitamin B12 experienced significant and favorable results. It’s important to find out if your iron supplies are also low, so that you may begin the healing process and avoid any further hair loss. Vitamin deficiencies are not generally considered a cause of puffy eyes or bags under the eyes, though the two might be related.
Research Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency - Information Including Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Videos, Forums, and local . A significant percentage of the population suffers with nutrient deficiencies for many different reasons. Someone having a deficiency in certain B vitamins is at risk of anemia, appetite loss, depression, abdominal pain, respiratory infections and hair loss. One set of nutrients, called B vitamins, plays an important role in your health and well-being. Individuals suffering from tinnitus hear loud or soft sounds, such as roaring, buzzing, clicking, and hissing, when these sounds are actually not present. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
By inhibiting the production of peptic acids, you also inhibit digestion of vitamin B12, resulting in vitamin B12 malabsorption- a widespread cause of vitamin B12 deficiency, or pernicious anemia. Vitamin B12 is safe to use in any amount, so there’s no harm in taking “too much,” but there can be negative ramifications if you wait too long to begin restoring your vitamin B12 levels. Instead, your doctor may prescribe vitamin B12 injections which must be inserted directly into the muscular tissue of the thigh, arm, abdomen, or buttocks.
If that’s the case, then it’s helpful to take extra doses of vitamin B12 between injections. It has been well documented in much medical literature.  The causes and effects of vitamin B12 deficiency are well-known within the scientific community. But since your body can’t produce vitamin B12, it is necessary to supply it through foods containing vitamin B12 or vitamin B12 supplements.
To begin with, most physicians do not routinely test for vitamin B12 deficiency, even in adults who are at high risk.
Explain your symptoms to your doctor, and request a blood test to screen for vitamin B12 deficiency. You may need to take extra vitamin B12, in addition to what your doctor prescribes, as some medical insurance plans don’t cover the amount of prescription vitamin B12 shots needed to achieve full recovery. In fact, millions of people in the United States suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency and tinnitus.
It plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins.
It has been found that B12 deficiency has been linked with chronic tinnitus and noise- induced hearing loss. With tinnitus, your brain picks up false noise signals from the nerve cells of your inner ear, resulting in persistent buzzing, ringing, whooshing, whistling or other annoying sounds in one or both ears. If you recognize any of these signs, then you may need to increase your intake of vitamin B12 supplements. Chronic fatigue, poor concentration, and “brain fog” are all some of the first warning signs of vitamin B12 deficiency.
Vitamin B12 sustains healthy red blood cells which help to distribute oxygen throughout your body. Depending on the severity of vitamin B12 deficiency, your doctor may prescribe 1000mcg of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) per month, per week, or twice weekly until energy levels improve.
Patients who wish to exceed the prescribed dose of vitamin B12 may do so readily and safely. Here are some tips for maintaining the family home front while battling symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Many sufferers struggle to balance parenting and work while dealing with constant fibromyalgia flare-ups and crushing fatigue. Either they’re embarrassed to admit weakness, or they mistakenly think their kids are too young to understand or be able to deal with it. In most cases, your children want to be “in the know,” and to be reminded that things are going to be okay, that you aren’t suffering from any life-threatening illness.

Ask a relative or friend if they could be on-call for fibromyalgia flare-ups, and make sure your children’s teachers are aware of your arrangement. Still, an important part of parenting with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is maintaining a certain level of regularity. It’s okay if your children don’t have expensive birthday party blow-outs or a mom who roller skates with them after school. Keep up with the latest research in natural pain management, immune system health, and increased energy through nutritional therapies.
That’s because vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is such as vital nutrient; it’s responsible for maintaining cognitive health, increasing energy, and sustaining red blood cell production. Only replenishment of vitamin B12 can restore the myelin sheath back to normal and prevent permanent damage to the peripheral nervous system (peripheral neuropathy) or central nervous system. We need a continuous flow of hemoglobin in order to deliver oxygen to the various tissues and organs in our body. Likewise, there is a high rate of psychological misdiagnoses that result from undetected vitamin B12 deficiency. Sometimes, gastrointestinal illnesses such as Crohn’s disease or fibromyalgia trigger vitamin B12 malabsorption, causing vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms may vary for each individual, but the most common symptoms are consistent with the level of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) depletion. Of all forms of malnourishment, vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms are the most common in the US. If you regularly include plenty of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and milk in your diet, then you probably won’t develop symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, as your body is able to store several years’ worth of vitamin B12 in the liver at one time.  If you are a vegan, then you must supplement with vitamin B12 regularly, in order to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms.
People with a family history for pernicious anemia, a condition sometimes caused by autoimmune disorders, should check their vitamin B12 levels regularly, in addition to looking out for symptoms indicating vitamin B12 deficiency.
Illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, migraines, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome are all high risk factors for vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms. When cobalamin binds itself instead to haptocorrin (HC), it becomes HoloHC, a B12 complex that lacks cellular receptors, making it a passive, or inactive, form of vitamin B12. This may be called a “false positive,” because in reality, their active vitamin B12 levels might have been normal. Because standard B12 testing only tests for total cobalamin, as opposed to usable (active) cobalamin, one can have all the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency or pernicious anemia without ever receiving a diagnosis…or treatment.
This is tragic, because nerve cells lost to B12 deficiency can never be recovered in its advanced stages. Whenever he begins to read, he starts to experiences sound within his ear, though there is no corresponding external sound. The sounds may vary in pitch from a low roar to a high squeal, and the person may hear it in one or both ears.
About one fifth of the population complains of this kind of tinnitus, which can be caused by ear problems in the outer, middle, or inner ear. As people age, they lose hearing because of tremors to the ear through noise, drugs, or chemicals, which damage the portion of the ear that allows them to hear. The hair cells detect any tiny movement of the body in any direction,  after activation of the hair cells by the wave of the body movement,  the hair cells send signals to the underlining tectorial membrane generating an electrical impulse which the brian interprets as sound.  If the hair cells  constant send out the signals after damage,  the patients usually feel contant noise, called tinnutis. If there is an acoustic tumor or an infection, the tumor should be removed, or the infection alleviated.
The gallbladder meridians go up to the top of the head and around the ear; if there is excessive heat, this will go through the ear and cause blockage of energy, so the meridians cannot transmit normal sound to the inner ear. The person feels weak and has a pale face, and the tinnitus is slow and low in pitch; sometimes it is off and on, with the pitch sound decreasing when the person holds her or his breath. After one month, John reported that he began to experience a decrease in the pitch of the tinnitus, and after two months, he reported that he heard no sounds about 70 percent of the time. Acupressure the points with your thumb or knuckle, pressing with comfortable pressure on the points. It is essential to identify the exact cause of this problem for obtaining the relevant treatment.
Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder and is considered as one of the causes of tinnitus. Zinc level can be improved with the intake of green leafy foods such as spinach and legumes.
The dull throbbing and soreness, side effects of prescribed intramuscular (IM) injections can last forever, even if you self-inject vitamin B12 in the comfort of your own home. If the B12 shot is painful, then your muscles impulsively flex as a reaction to the needle’s insertion. Alternate between right and left, and experiment with popular points for injecting vitamin B12, such as the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, or upper arm. Ask a close friend, companion, spouse, or relative to learn how to administer vitamin B12 shots, or at least hold a mirror for you while you give yourself the injection, and rub out the pain afterwards to prevent bruising and other painful side effects. According to a study on injection pain in children, putting on some music, handing her a toy, or telling a story are proven methods for enhancing injection pain relief. Warning signs of intramuscular injection damage include redness, increased swelling, fever, and warmth of the skin at the injection site.
What would normally score a “2” on the pain Richter scale for others might peak to a “5” or “6” for a fibromyalgia patient. Only instead of amplifying common pain triggers, allodynia produces a pain response to mild sensations such as the touch of a wool blanket or a chill breeze.
Only instead of being caused by overexposure to the sun’s rays, it can be triggered by gentle pressure, such as a snug blouse. Brain fog, depression, and fatigue caused by vitamin B12 deficiency are more than just annoying- they can be debilitating. So, more vitamin B12 in the blood ensures efficiency in carbohydrate digestion, thus maximum energy output.
Vitamin B12 improves your metabolism, sports endurance, and muscular strength, and provides a healthful sense of wellbeing, as evidenced by several scientific studies. With fibromyalgia and migraines, for example, chronic pain occurs in the brain as part of a neurological disorder.  Similarly, neuropathy from vitamin B12 deficiency is caused by damaged nerve cells and reduced red blood cell distribution. There is no harm or shame in using painkillers, as long as you follow your doctor’s orders.
Don’t gauge somebody else’s pain on a scale of one to ten just by observing them- ask them, instead. While your central nervous system (CNS) includes just the nerves and nerve cells of your brain and spinal cord, your peripheral nervous system includes all the other nerves of your body- the network of neurons that branch out from your CNS to your limbs, torso, face, and internal organs.
Other functions of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) include cognitive health, energy, and red blood cell production.
While vitamin A has received all the fame in eye health, it may come as a surprise that the B vitamins are an absolute necessity .
Since vitamin b12 is essential for proper functioning of the muscles, patient lacking it . However, you can experience improved hearing ability and noise level after increasing vitamin B12 intake in your diet. Individuals suffering from tinnitus due to lack of blood supply in their inner ears can incorporate vitamin B3 in their diet to cure this hearing ailment. My writing style is simple, friendly, and informative to help readers understand and enjoy my articles easily and quickly. This blog is dedicated to providing up to date research, news and resources pertaining to vitamin B12, general health information surrounding the benefits of vitamin B12. Many B12 deficient people have so-called “normal” levels of B12, enough to prevent death from pernicious anemia, but not enough to prevent debilitating symptoms associated with low vitamin B12 levels. It is also helps maintain a healthy nervous system, and some research studies found it beneficial for patients of tinnitus, especially when this condition is associated with vitamin B12 deficiency.
According to most recent data, prolonged vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to multiple problems all over your body, affecting your nervous system, mood, fertility, and cardiovascular health, and more. Likewise, a severe drop in vitamin B12 levels affects your red blood cell count, eventually causing symptoms of hypoxemia (low oxygen), which include dizziness, disorientation, and low energy- all just from low vitamin B12. Sometimes, it stems from fear of reversing the parent-child role, placing the burden of caretaking onto the child.
Don’t compare yourself to other parents who don’t suffer from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. When vitamin B12 levels run low, we likewise experience the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency- constant fatigue, muscle pain, depression, and memory loss. Only continuous supplementation of vitamin B12 can reverse symptoms of pernicious anemia and restore healthy red blood cells. However, there are many cases of vitamin B12 deficiency actually causing problems with digestion and damage to the stomach and esophageal lining.
Here are some warning signs that may indicate the earliest or most advanced stages of vitamin B12 deficiency, including pernicious anemia. The off-and-on sound can be a strong ringing noise in his right ear, a high-pitched whining noise, buzzing, or hissing. The sound is sometimes continuous, sometimes intermittent, and it may interfere with the ability to concentrate. It can also be caused by problems with the auditory nerves or the brain stem, which can interrupt the nerve signals as sound. It can be a muscular issue, or it can be caused by blood vessel or inner-ear bone problems.
Examples include acoustic shock, external ear infection, ear-wax impaction, lead or mercury poisoning, Meniere’s disease, or such toxic medications as aspirin, erythromycin, or tetracycline. This triggers ear cells to release an electrical signal through a nerve from your ear (auditory nerve) to your brain. Other methods include electrical stimulation, such as transcranial direct current stimulation, or direct stimulation to the auditory cortex by implanting electrodes. This type of tinnitus is high pitched, usually accompanied by anxiety, headaches, and sometimes fear, dry mouth, constipation, yellowish urine, and red face; sometimes the chest feels uncomfortable and painful, with red tongue body and yellow tongue coating. This form of tinnitus is often accompanied by dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath, tiredness, and weakness of the legs; sometimes there is a low-grade fever, the palms are hot, there is no taste in the mouth, with a very thin coating on the tongue and a weak pulse. He was advised to do some exercises and learn to deal with stress, and after three months of treatment his condition was much improved. However, several natural remedies can also help an individual in getting the desired results. An individual can put a few drops of this mixture in the ears with the use of an eye-dropper before sleeping. Listed are some helpful tips for reducing localized muscular pain and irritation caused by vitamin B12 injections. By numbing the skin at the injection site first with ice or topical creams, then you reduce some the bruising and soreness that come with weekly or monthly vitamin B12 injections. Here are some clues to help you identify the type of fibromyalgia symptoms you’re experiencing. What’s the basis for using vitamin B12 shots to boost energy and mental clarity, while eliminating fatigue and brain fog, and reducing pain? Many patients of vitamin B12 deficiency opt for OTC vitamin B12, in addition to what their doctor’s prescribing. That doesn’t mean they are without side effects, so it’s important to educate yourself about the use of prescription painkillers. Trying to “do it all” creates stress and decreases the number of good days you enjoy between chronic pain flare-ups. In most cases if there is a deficiency in one of the B vitamins, there will also be a deficiency in . Experts have suggested that a tender or painful tongue may be the result of a vitamin B6 deficiency.
Tinnitus can be caused due to noise-induced hearing loss, ear or sinus infection, thyroid abnormalities, hormonal changes, and some other medical reasons.
You can include foods such as fish, chicken, peanuts, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and other vitamin B3 rich foods in your diet to improve blood flow in your inner ears. Including vitamin E rich foods, such as spinach, almonds, broccoli, kale, hazelnuts, and others, in your diet helps minimize its deficiency and treats tinnitus effectively. Learn from, and contribute to information on B12, vitamin B12 and other connected subjects. If he pays attention to something else, he does not experience the tinnitus, but if he is idle or preparing to go to sleep, the sound recurs and can interfere with his ability to either concentrate or hear, which is very frustrating. There are also neurological disorders, such as head injuries, psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety, sclerosis, or metabolic disorders, such as thyroid problems, hyperlipidemia, and vitamin B12 deficiency.
While there are many different treatments for tinnitus, none has proven to be entirely reliable. The treatments mostly used are SJ 5 Wai Guan, SJ 17 Yi Feng, SI 19 Ting Gong, SJ 21 Er Meng, UB 18 Gan Shu, and Liv 3 Tai Chong.
This type belongs to a yin deficiency and the treatment should be to tonify the yin and enhance the kidney. People suffering from this problem hear buzzing, ringing, roaring or clicking noise in the ear even in the absence of any such noise.
Five large landscape, boiled actinolite, take two, stone, rice and kidney under, the mixed worship, cooking porridge, eaten on an empty stomach. (The shenghuifang bovine kidney congee) Very strong smell of the kidney is special, many people think it's very delicious, and kidney of calf meat is usually the most tender. Certain symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are hard to miss-overwhelming fatigue, painful . However, you can cure tinnitus by including certain vitamins that promotes hearing in your diet. You can have carrots, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, sweet red peppers, tuna fish, and other vitamin A rich foods to combat its deficiency. Western medicine treats this condition with gamma knife radiosurgery, cochlear implants, Botox, or medications, such as propanol and clonazepam. The acupuncture points are UB 23 Sheng Shu, Kid 4 Tai Xi, SJ 17 Yi Feng, SJ 21 Er Meng, SI 19 Ting Gong, GB 2 Ting Hui, SJ 5 Wai Guan, and UB 18 Gan Shu. Ginkgo biloba leaves can be boiled in a glass of water for 10 to 15 minutes to prepare tea.
The ENT doctor checked his outer, middle, and inner ears, and found no infection or allergies, and no edema in the ear. Strong flavor of bovine kidney, meat quality coarse can be used in a pie or need long cooking dishes. The neurologist ordered a CT scan and an MRI, which did not show a tumor or any problem with the brain.
He was prescribed such medications as Xanax and tricyclic antidepressants, as well as niacin, all to no avail.

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