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Calcium stimulates white blood cells to fight infection, fever, inflammation, and sickness. Before delving into the problems of vitamin B complex deficiency and its symptoms, it is first important to understand the difference between vitamins that are in pill form versus vitamins that are contained within nature’s foods.
Vitamins have been sold and marketed as the “magic bullet” for all health problems, yet food science researchers are bringing out the truth about vitamins, minerals, multivitamins and antioxidants— and it’s not an easy pill to swallow. Foods are never found in high potency, so you won’t suffer any toxic side effects that have been proven to exist with ALL vitamin pills. For these reasons, and more, vitamin pills, despite their use and overuse, are not turning people’s health around. Vitamins are not foods, so instead of vitamins and minerals on a label, you should be looking for the names of foods and herbs on the label. Once your body has been deprived of the vitamin B complex due to reasons stated above, it begins to show symptoms (signs) of altered, diminished or poor health. Vitamin B deficiency can sneak up on you, because it doesn’t have to create serious health problems right away.
For example, “memory impairment due to vitamin B12 deficiency can precede blood symptoms of deficiency by years.
This means that it is possible that certain mental disorders can be directly attributable to vitamin B complex deficiency, and it is easier to first start replenishing stores of vitamin B complex than to begin treating difficult mental illnesses with drugs, therapy or psychological counseling. When vitamin B deficiency becomes chronic (long-lasting), other problems can occur, including troubles with your adrenal system. Eat more vitamin B-containing foods — oats, barley, wheat bran, avocado, salmon, Brazil nuts and others.
If you have a friend or relative with a mental or emotional disorder, think of the possibility of a vitamin B complex deficiency and then make suggestions for adjustments in their diet and take appropriate whole food formulas. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); “Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults,” Clinical Applications, Robert H. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Statements are made based on independent food science research and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Download SpectraCell's Nutrition Correlation chart referencing the correlation between vitamin B6 with Estrogen, Testosterone and ADHD as well as watch our webinar on Nutritional Considerations of Skin disorders. Unless you are going to a doctor who practices from a functional medicine perspective, you might be prescribed one or more pharmaceuticals that are used to treat your wide variety of symptoms (and create an even wider variety as a byproduct). First, a warning: failure to treat a severe B12 deficiency can result in severe, sometimes irreversible damage.
If you either don’t take in sufficient B12 or you can’t metabolize the B12 that you do take in, you could have a shortage of this critical vitamin.
Other people could be taking in a sizable dose of B12 yet still have a deficiency if their body fails to absorb it properly.
Together with your physician, develop a plan for testing your current levels (if your physician thinks that is needed) and for supplementation. In summary, a Vitamin B12 deficiency can produce a wide range of non-specific symptoms and is very common among older people, vegetarians, or people with the genetic makeup that makes normal B12 absorption difficult. For those struggling with B12 deficiency, I recently heard about a new oral prescription alternative to the injections called Eligen B12.

Starting the first week of August my left foot started aching, and I gradually felt myself tilting to the left. I went to two highly recommended and respected chiropractors and a podiatrist without any solution. Here and there in the history of medicine there were physicians who prescribed something containing iron. The problem is that vitamins, when not still contained in their original food (oranges, bananas, spinach, broccoli, etc.) are merely chemicals.
It is very often that it is the other food properties that help us while the vitamins are secondary.
They are lacking the properties of real nutrition which can only come from eating nature’s real, whole, raw foods. Don’t be fooled by high milligrams, high potency, standardization or any other such terms that just do not apply to real foods from nature. This is because the vitamin B complex (within foods, not vitamin pills) is responsible for such a wide variety of activities, including cellular differentiation, transmission of nerve electricity, health of nerve cells, heart pulse rate, muscular contraction, digestion, brain function, thought processes and energy production. In fact, medical researchers have discovered that very often there can be no detectable signs according to scientific instrumentation, that you are experiencing a deficiency. Evidence that vitamin B12 deficiency accounts for some cognition deficits in older people comes from a study that revealed abnormal short-term memory in more than two-thirds of clients with pernicious anemia…The researchers recommend that a diagnosis of senile dementia should not be made, even in the absence of anemia, until vitamin B12 status is determined biochemically.” (Hamilton, p.
The adrenal glands serve many purposes, but in relation to this topic, they are the back up system for making energy.
It took a while to create a vitamin B deficiency, so it takes a while to reverse the problem; with severe cases it can take a year or so, with milder cases it can take just a few days.
Information contained herein are for educational purposes only and are not to be used for or in place of proper medical diagnosis and care under a qualified physician.
You might be given an anti-anxiety medication for your shifting moods, or a variety of other medications to cover the wide range of symptoms that you’re experiencing.
Recently, Montel Williams has been talking about getting daily B12 injections and proclaiming the positive effect that they’ve had on his well being. Since the main source of B12 in your diet comes from animal products, vegetarians may not be taking in a sufficient level of B12 from their diet to supply their body’s needs.
This is frequently the case when people get older or if they suffer from malabsorption due to a gut or genetic issue. In that study, they found that a particular gene called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) was defective in a large percentage of the population.
Before buying supplements, you should always discuss your symptoms and all of these issues with Dr. Monitor your symptoms carefully and keep your physician informed of any changes in those symptoms. Vitamins just do not work like foods, and foods are what our bodies were designed to use for healing, prevention and energy.
The only supplement that someone should take, therefore, is a whole food formula WITHOUT any isolated (singular vitamin).
When there is a chronic lack of vitamin B complex then the adrenal glands are called upon to produce quick energy by injecting certain hormones like adrenaline into your system so that you can cope with life.

This article may not be used in conjunction with the promotion or sale of any product unless authorized in writing by the author.
Always check with your physician before using any product for contraindications and proper use. In that situation, your individual symptoms become the focus as opposed to the “total package” of symptoms that might be pointing to a specific nutrient deficiency as the root cause of everything – a shortage of Vitamin B12.
These claims, whether they came from a friend or a celebrity, are NOT what we’re talking about here.
If you stopped taking in any more B12 today, it could still be 3 or more years before that shortage would occur and start producing symptoms. People with this gene can have high B12 levels and yet they are still experiencing the symptoms of a B12 shortage. Cohen or another functional medicine physician that is knowledgeable about nutritional deficiencies and supplements. Your physician has the lead role here but you must stay involved and ask questions as well.
There is no substitute, and no matter how you look at it, vitamin pills are an invention of scientists, so they are prone to cause side effects, be incomplete and lack what we need to overcome our health problems. This is an important point, because most supplements called “whole food” are combinations of real foods and isolated vitamins. If this goes on for a long time, then the adrenal glands become impaired or worn out, leading to even more health problems. They won’t add to your problems the way vitamin pills can, and they are not toxic the way vitamin pills can be.
That makes it harder to figure out the cause and effect of this since there is a long lead time between the deficiency and the symptoms.
Current literature suggests that a sublingual (pill placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve) supplement of B12 works better than a pill that is swallowed.
This happens because their body might have problems converting inactive forms of B12 to the active forms that are usable by your body. Be sure to tell your physician about any reasons that you may suspect a B12 dificiency issue.
Reasons such as: prior surgeries, symptoms, vegetarian diet, or any other reasons to suspect you don’t absorb nutrients properly. Well, although friends and even some medical types might blame all this on stress, it may also be due to something else – a Vitamin B12 deficiency.
These people should be taking the Methyl Cobalamin version of B12 since that form of B12 is fully available and active in the body. My foot and body are 95% returned to normal and within ten days, I can expect to be 100% again!
Learning when these vague, seemingly unconnected symptoms are being cause by a nutritional deficiency and not just by stress is an important step in protecting your good health and well being.

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