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Sharir ko kisi na kisi rup me vitamin ki avashyakata padti hai kyunki vitamin ki kami se sharir me kai bimariya panap sakti hai. Vitamin E vanaspati tel, gehuun, hari saag, chana, khajur, chawal ka maand, cream, butter, sprout and fruit me paya jata hai.
Vitamin E yukt falo ko khane se ya fir bajar me uplabdh capsules ka sevan karne se bhi body me antioxidant ko badaya ja sakta hai, lekin jyada se jyada natural khadhya padartho ka istemal karne ki soche. Vitamin E, sharir me khoon ko banane wali red blood cells yani lal rakta koshikao ka niraman karti hai.
Agar sharir me vitamin E ki kami ho jaye to sharir me sabse jayda asar thyroid aur pituitary gland ki working activity par padta hai.
Sharir me cell membrane hoti hai yani wah parat ko blood cells ko banaye rakhne me unke upar chadi hoti hai.
Sharir me vitamin E ki paryapt matra hone par vyakti ko mansik tanav aur samasya kam hoti hai.
Iodine is an essential pregnancy mineral especially in the early stages of pregnancy it is important for developing the nervous system and production of thyroid hormones. The mineral Iron is essential for healthy red blood cells (they transport oxygen around the body). Vitamin B12 helps the body to process folate to reduce the risk to your baby of birth defects! Ever wondered about the ingredients in your products and wanted to find out what they actually do? At Simple, we believe it is really important to carefully select the ingredients that you use on your skin.

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A new study in JAMA has shown that vitamin E supplements may help to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, the Los Angeles Times reports.
Agar pregnancy ke dauran garbhavati stri Vitamin E ka sevan nahi karti hai to uske bacche ko anaemia yani khoon ki kami ki shikayat rahegi. Iski kami se yeh dono hi glandula dheere dheere kam karne lagti hai jisse sharir me kafi thakan aur bharipan mehasus hai. Agar sharir me vitamin E ki kami ho jayegi to yeh parat dheere dheere kamjoor padegi aur bad me blood cells ke banane me madad nahi karegi, jisse sharir me khoon ki kami ho jayegi. Doctors dwara research ke bad yeh output nikla hai ki Vitamin E ki kami se mansik samasaye bhi ho sakti hai. Why do we need Zinc? – We need Zinc to help create new cells, it’s essential for fertility (for him too)! Why do we need Vitamin E? – We need Vitamin E to help protect cells from damage, an antioxidant, Vitamin E may improve your immune system, reduce cholesterol and risk of developing Cancer. Why do we need Vitamin C? – Vitamin c is important for protecting cells and keeping them healthy, it plays an integral part in healing wounds and helps the absorption of iron. If you feel overly tired, lethargic or faint your Iron levels might be low, let your healthcare provider know. Why do we need Vitamin B6? – Vitamin B6 is fertilities friend, women without sufficient levels may find it harder to become pregnant and may be more likely to miscarry in the early stages of pregnancy.
Why do we need Vitamin B2? – Riboflavin is needed for converting fats, protein and carbohydrates into energy, it helps us to grow, have healthy skin and good sight.

Why do we need Vitamin B12? – Vitamin B12 is essential for helping the body process Folate and Folic acid and develop healthy red blood cells. We would never use artificial colours, artificial perfumes or harsh ingredients that can upset your skin, as we know they can cause irritation Instead we select our purest possible ingredients that we know will love your skin.
As an anti-oxidant, it helps to protect the skin from damage by free radicals, and also helps to fight the signs of premature ageing. The study followed 561 Alzheimer’s patients who were assigned to either take vitamin E supplements with memantine, vitamin E without memantine, or a placebo with neither vitamin E or memantine.
You may already be routinely checked and if your levels are low you might be given a supplement. Using the expertise we have developed through 50 years’ experience in skin care, we have developed Skin Nutrition; a clear and easy guide to the ingredients in our products and the benefits that they bring.
With Skin Nutrition find out about the skin-loving nutrients and vital vitamins we use in our products and discover fantastic facts about the different kinds of nutrients your skin needs.
When looking at the need for care-taking, researchers found that the vitamin E group required the least amount of care and showed the slowest cognitive decline. Selenium is important for the development of a healthy immune system, metabolism and reproduction of the Thyroid hormone. The results are promising as current treatment for Alzheimer’s disease include expensive drugs with many side effects.

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