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A few years back I bought a set of noise isolating ear phones for use in the shop and yard. More than that, I need a new receiver for my stereo, but for now, the ol’ budget is nudging me the direction of the under-thirty-bucks opportunity cost. The chunks of failure I had up until a week ago were these things, Altec Lansing BackBeat Noise-Isolating Earbud headphones.
Now if you click the Best Buy link in the previous paragraph, you’ll find your way to customer reviews.
Anyway, after I win the Chili’s Guest Survey sweepstakes, I’ll get some nice ones that make me look like a serious audiophile, perfect for listening to low-fit punk that sounds like crap. There is NO Spam on SwagGrabber and it is updated all day everyday with the very best deals available! They fit in your ear like plugs and connect by wire to a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack that can be plugged into media devices such as MP3 players and phones.

I liked them a lot: good bass, fit in my ears, a cable wrapped in what appears to be climbing gear that’s really easy to untangle. According to a lot of them, those Altec Lansing earbuds malfunction in basically the same way—the wires inside the cable break near the jack. While I like Apple’s design (except their stores, where it is not immediately clear where to stand when you want to purchase something) in most of its products, the earbuds are the worst.
I bought them for those times when I wanted to listen to music or podcasts and it was too hot to wear earmuff headphones or when I needed hearing protection that could be worn with a face shield or full-brim hat.Recently, one of the buds began to cut in and out due to wire fatigue where the cord goes into the jack. Mine lasted for a couple of months, but they crapped out during a totally epic part of “Achilles Last Stand,” which is pretty much unforgivable.
I’m not sure whose ear they are designed for—maybe they fit in a Nintendo Mii, but they fall right out of my head.
This is a great time to sign up because Christmas is coming up soon and you could score a ton of your gifts…super cheap! They’re easy to clean (I know, kind of gross), and I guess they sound okay (not too tinny, but a little bit wimpy), but man, are they uncomfortable. But when I looked on Amazon to see when they’d been purchased I realized I’d had them since 2009. The new ear buds are nearly identical to the old ones; the only differences I can see are the color, angle that the cord comes out of the plug, and the choice of tips to put in your ears.

Peltor EARbuds come with two sets of tips, compressible foam UltraFit tips and silicone Skull Screw tips.
Some folks say foam is more comfortable but I prefer the Skull Screws—which have the advantage of blocking more noise.In this country hearing protection is tested and given a noise reduction rating (NRR).
The only thing I don’t like about these headphones is that the audio volume is electronically limited to 82 dB—the OSHA limit for an 8-hour day.
I sometimes wish I could turn it higher, but then that would defeat the purpose of wearing hearing protection.If there’s a downside to using hearing protection with audio it’s that you might be surprised by someone coming up on you or not be able to hear someone call out a warning. I won’t listen to audio on a busy jobsite or while operating tools that require a lot of concentration, like table saws and routers. But I’m fine with listening when I’m alone and operating non-hazardous tools such as sanders, vacuums, and gas-powered string trimmers and blowers.As with any in-the-ear hearing protection you’ll occasionally have to clean the tips. This is especially true of these ear buds because if the hole gets clogged you can’t hear the audio—though they’ll still function as hearing protection. I used alcohol and paper towels to clean the silicone tips on my old ear buds.3M Peltor E-A-R Buds are made in China and can go for about $50 online.

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