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The V-Moda Remix Remote are described by their maker as "high-definition noise-isolating metal headphones." I suppose that two, as they say, out of three ain't bad. Were one feeling generous, it could be argued in favour of the Remix Remote earphones that they have the look of a piece of HD home cinema kit.
The earpieces themselves feature fairly large 9mm drivers, and as such err on the large side of comfortable for those of us with smaller ears.
These could be just what I need as any outdoor audio listening causes bass levels to be crushed. Oh, and earbuds is more specifically your traditional earphone where 'earphone' is an overarching term. Would it be possible for you to review bluetooth headphones (with the bluetooth built directly into the headphone)? I get really really (did I specify "really") annoyed at reviews of headphones that make statements about the product being "bass heavy" or whatever. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! Their construction from chrome-finished metal and glossy black plastic is definitely stylish.

Nonetheless I was able to get a good fit and seal with the 'S' silicone tips, and there are two larger options and one smaller should they be required.
I sold my hf2's because they lacked bass but it's a shame to hear that the remote on these only works with the 3GS. In-ear headphones offer the best noise isolation and bass reproduction, canalphones aren't quite so good, while earbuds tend to be the worst. The only flaw in this respect is that there's no easy way to tell between the left and right ear pieces. Despite their size the Remix Remote earpieces aren't heavy, so long-term listening doesn't cause discomfort.V-Moda also supplies what it calls "detachable sport earhooks," to give an extra-secure fit when running the cable up and over your ears. I only hope it will continue to work with the fourth generation iPhone later this year.Can you tell me whether these earphones have more, the same, or less bass than the V-Moda Bass Freq Headphones that TR reviewed back in 2007?
I just hope they last longer than the 4 months mine did before the cable went and the sound went in one ear.
Just go into the options menu of your player and set it to compensate for your particular tastes.
The Kevlar-enforced cable feels nice and sturdy, too, although the 'Y' section above the remote does seem particularly prone to tangling itself should you let these earphones out of your sight for even a split second.

Rounding out the package is a soft carrying case making for a pretty complete overall offering. The bottom line when it comes to the V-Moda Remix is that it has an accurate frequency reproduction range from 5 to 25,000 cycles which is well below and above what the human ear is even capable of discerning.
Thus the full range is covered and if you don't like their particular tuning you can adjust it in your EQ menu, which is something that everyone does anyway regardless of the headphones that they are using. It's the main thing that puts me off spending more than £40 on a pair of headphones ever again. Rather, I'm dubious that a pair of ?90-odd 'phones can realistically warrant such a definition - if you'll pardon the pun.

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