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They might be most commonly caused by yeast, bacteria, mites and fungus, but they can also result from allergies, water that enters the ears when swimming, foreign objects, tumours or dogs licking each other’s ears. The most common signs of an ear infection are: head shaking, pawing at the ears, discharge, a strong odour and sometimes rubbing the face or ears along furniture and carpets. Infected ears can be really painful if left too long, so you might notice that your dog is snappy or aggressive when you try to look at her ears. Keeping your dog’s ears clean is an essential way to prevent ear infection, especially in predisposed dogs. Hold on to the long flap of the ear, called the “pinna”, with one hand whilst gently squeezing ear wax solution a few millimeters into the ear canal.
Massage the base of the ear with the ear held up for two minutes to distribute the ear solution into the ear canal. If an ear infection is left too long, it can cause chronic changes to the anatomy of the ear canal, making it grow thicker and eventually seize shut altogether.
If the infection doesn’t clear with veterinary ear drops, the vet might need to examine the ear better to see if there is a foreign body, polyp or something else in the ear that’s causing the infection to be so persistent. The vet will then sedate your dog, since the ears are normally so sore at this point that the vet cannot examine them properly without hurting your pet. If you have any concerns about your pet’s ears, you should contact your local veterinarian for advice.
Annette Vindenes, BVMS, MRCVS, BSc, graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2014 and now works as a veterinarian at Firstvets in Durham. Wamiz is a new site for pets and their owners, featuring news, tips, videos and everything you need to keep you informed and your animal happy! Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Harsh chemicals remove earwax and dirt but damage the delicate lipid barrier that keeps dangerous irritants out and essential moisture in sensitive skin.

NO sulfates, phosphates, alcohol, preservatives, parabens, antibiotics, MEA, DEA, or steroids.
A dog’s ear canal is shaped like an L, which makes it easy for dirt and debris to get trapped in the canal and infections to develop.
Dogs with long, floppy ears, such as Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Dobermans and Retrievers to mention but a few, are especially prone to ear infection due to the lack of air circulating in their ears. Schnauzers and Miniature Poodles – are also more susceptible, because wax can build up within the ear and get trapped in the ear canal, causing an infection.
Regular ear cleaning involves removing the build-up of wax in the external ear and ear canal.
If done correctly, this will result in a sloshing sound, and many dogs with ear infections will show some relief at this stage. Next use a cotton ball to remove the wax and discharge from the ear canal and inner ear flap. This will make your dog more prone to future ear infections, which in turn become harder to treat. Commonly a swab is taken of the material in the ear canal and sent off to an external laboratory for analysis. After they have had a look, your dog’s ears will be flushed and cleaned and often an ointment is placed in the ear canal for full effect.
For the past five years, she has been blogging about her experiences treating animals at A Vet In Training. Plus, they upset pH balance and leave lingering moisture in the ear canal, laying out the welcome mat for harmful microbes like yeast and bacteria. PetJoy Naturals Soothing Ear Cleanser contains ingredients which are all derived ("green chemistry") from natural sources. Holding dog's ear flap up gently but firmly, pour several drops into dog's ear canal until you can see the liquid almost filling canal.

Apply a few drops of the formula to a cotton ball or pad and clean the area around and inside the ear opening.
Use once a day for 2-3 days or until all visible ear wax, residue, debris, and odors are gone.
Read our exclusive Special Report, "SAVE YOUR DOG: A 5-Minute Plan To Rescue Your Dog from Nasty, Dangerous Ear Infections -- And Why You Need To Start Now" for illustrated step-by-step instructions and more. This makes the ear canal an ideal ground for bacteria to multiply and is why 80 percent of dogs with floppy ears develop ear infections.
Some ear wax is normal, so once a week or even every other week should be more than enough for a dog with normal ears. Your dog might try to shake his head as soon as you put the solution into the canal, so to prevent the solution going everywhere, hold onto the flap until you’re done.
Make sure you cover your fingernails so as not to scrape the inside of your dog’s ear.
It is therefore important to consult a veterinarian quickly if you notice any of the main signs of ear infection (scratching the ears, strong odour, head shaking or discharge).
No gentian violet to stain your dog's fur (or your clothing, walls, floors, and furniture). Do not push cotton buds any further than you can see, because you could potentially rupture the ear drum or pack wax and debris further down.

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