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CloseDo you want to read more similar stories?if you like our Facebook fanpage, you can read everyday such amazing stories. We live in a loud world.  From jet engines to ear bud headphones, our delicate inner ear structures are bombarded on a daily basis and this can lead to hearing loss. In many ways, hearing loss is a fact of life, because humans naturally lose hearing as they age. According to Christensen, the most hazardous kinds of noise exposure are extremely loud short bursts – gunshots, explosions, hammering, and other concussive sounds – and sustained noise over 80 decibels.

Christensen, a certified industrial hygienist and a certified safety professional, became fascinated with noise exposure when he first noticed its effects during his time in a previous position.
In our next post, Christensen will address methods for dealing with noise exposure and which industries commonly face the noise exposure problem. However, this loss can be compounded due to “noise exposure” or the loud sounds we encounter in our surrounding environment or workplace. In many workplaces, the source of noise exposure is the machinery, engines, compressors, and tools used in the work environment.

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