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Hearing loss in adults has many causes, such as disease or infection, ototoxic (ear-damaging) drugs, exposure to noise, tumors, trauma, and the aging process.
Medications used to manage some diseases are damaging to the auditory system and cause hearing loss.
The Weber test – you put a vibrating tuning fork on the center of the head and ask the patient where they hear it best.
Age-related hearing loss, or presbycusis, is the slow loss of hearing that occurs as people get older. Causes Tiny hairs inside your ear help you hear.
Prolonged noise exposure damages the hair cells in the cochlea and results in permanent hearing loss. Acoustic neuromas arise in the eighth cranial nerve, also known as the acoustic (hearing) nerve.
Examples include skull fractures of the temporal boneā€”the area of the skull just behind the ear, puncture of the eardrum by foreign objects, and sudden changes in air pressure.
They pick up sound waves and change them into the nerve signals that the brain interprets as sound.

Hearing loss caused by Meniere’s disease sometimes will respond to certain medications. One of the first symptoms is reduction of hearing in one ear accompanied by a feeling of fullness.
Hearing loss can also occur as a result of an acoustic trauma due to a single exposure or few exposures to very loud sound. This is progressive in nature, with loss of hearing for the high pitch sounds affected first. Catarrhalis — but CHRONIC OM pathogens are staph aureus and fungus -so tell me how many antibiotics it takes to cure a fungal infection? The hair cells do not regrow, so most hearing loss is permanent. There is no known single cause for age-related hearing loss.
However, it is typically at ages 55 to 65 that the high frequencies in the speech range begin to be affected. Many construction workers, farmers, musicians, airport workers, tree cutters, and people in the armed forces have hearing problems because of too much exposure to loud noise.

About half of all people over age 75 have some amount of age-related hearing loss. Symptoms The loss of hearing occurs slowly over time. Sometimes loud noise can cause a ringing, hissing, or roaring sound in the ears, called tinnitus (tin-NY-tus).
Talk to you health care provider if you have any of these symptoms. Exams and Tests A complete physical exam is performed to rule out medical conditions that can cause hearing loss.
Sometimes, wax can block the ear canals and cause hearing loss. You may be sent to an ear, nose, and throat doctor and a hearing specialist (audiologist).
Hearing tests can help determine the extent of hearing loss. Treatment There is no known cure for age-related hearing loss. The implant makes sounds seem louder, but does not restore normal hearing. Outlook (Prognosis) Age-related hearing loss is progressive, which means it slowly gets worse.

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