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Chromatograms are like fingerprints.  If you can “read” chromatograms well, you often can find a plausible cause. If spikes appear  more randomly, it’s probably not a system in the lab.(although we have to be careful here as sometimes a cryo-valve or even a vacuum cleaner can produce a signal also, that we pick up), and these signals are also not very predictable.
If we look in our GC system, the most probable sources for spikes are electric contacts that have been oxidized. Fig.3 When particles are formed, they will move through th column and can form retsrictions. The oscilloscope is the TracerDaq software running on top of a Measurement Computing USB Daq module. If I'm not mistaken, those large spikes during the negative cycle of the input waveform is from the phase reversal in the opamp.

Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. In this series, we will show a series of GC-chromatograms that are obtained from users and discuss some potential causes for the phenomena. In detection systems, the connections of the electrodes have to be checked as well as the connecting plugs. PLOT columns are coated with particles and sometimes such particles can elute and “hit” the detector electrodes, thus forming a spike.  Spike level depend on stability and operation of the PLOT column. When you are on the beach amd there is a lot of wind, the sand(particles)  blow all over the beach.

The occasional spike on an FID is inconsequential, but particle contaminated GC-MS components are expensive, and not worth the risk. This is nice, as it prevents the coupling with a particle trap, but it does not prevent the particles from accumulating and forming restrictions.
The easier it is for people to understand what you're asking and what your problem is, the more they will be inclined to help you.

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