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Answer   The lights on most newer tahoe's are automatically turned on when you turn the ignition switch. Its guarenteed to be the Crankshaft Position Sensor, located in most vehicles at the top of the bellhousing, you do not have to remove the transmission. Are you hearing sounds like ringing, humming, swishing or buzzing that seems to come from your brain or ears? There are a lot of prescription and non-prescription medicines that can cause ringing in the ears or high pitch noise in the ear. Another type of antibiotics that may have adverse effect if taken intravenously in high dosage is Amino Glycosides. Vancomycin is an active antibiotic drug commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections that cannot be cured by penicillin and other low dosage antibiotics. There are lots of medicines that cause tinnitus through direct ototoxicity or other deadly effects.

Tagged with crackling noise in ears when swallowing is the ringing in your ears cause by a sinus or allergy-problem. This is use to treat bacterial infections and also used to administer against endocarditis and rheumatic fever attacks. When the drug is administered intravenously, the patient sometimes experience high pitch noise in ear or ringing in ears. If there is ringing in the ears or high pitch noise in ear, the patient should see the doctor to assess the prescriptions administered. This condition is not a serious one but maybe a symptom of an underlying medical condition.
In a research conducted by the American Hearing Research Foundation, they found out that 15 to 50 percent of bilateral vestibulopathy cases are linked to Gentamicin toxicity that affects the balance mechanisms of both ears once damaged.
Other adverse reactions and symptoms include shortness of breath, hearing loss, watery diarrhea or unable to urinate.

It greatly affects the hearing ability of the patient and interferes with the patienta€™s focus on other things.
This is a VERY common problem with jeeps, another side effect is whenever the sensor is on it's way out, after it shuts off while you are driving, the jeep wont start again for a few minutes, then after a few minutes it will fire right up and idle all day long if you wanted it to. That's a friggen important sensor, try unplugging it while your engine is idleing, it will turn her right off and she wont start till you plug it back in.

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