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I want to give you a million dollars, but I’ve got a bit of explaining to do first, don’t I?
When I pulled up the vision board, there was a picture of a home that I was visualizing five years earlier.
He’s now alive and healthy, got his college education and visited places on his poster. When it comes to medical care, often people dona€™t comparison shop when it comes to their medications or treatments.A  They seem to believe that just because a doctor says, a€?You need to take this pill, or you need this surgery,a€? there is no question that the pill or procedure will be of benefit. Ia€™m going to discuss the use of preventative headache medications in two types of headache. There are preventative medications used for unusual headaches like cluster headaches but that will not be covered in this article. The outcome that is most often used in scientific studies is the ability of a medication to decrease your number of headaches per month by 50%. On average, these studies show 2-4 headaches fewer per month with the prescription medication than with placebo.A  Perhaps someone would go from 20 headaches a month to 16 headaches a month.

For instance, take this trial with Topiramate in patients with more than 15 days of headache per month at a target dose of 100 mg per day.
Procedures such as Botulinum Toxin injections, salt water injections, and real and fake acupuncture seem to have similar results in episodic headache.
Why does it seem that Botulinum Toxin and salt water injections result in people experiencing more days per month reduction in headaches than Topiramate?
Or maybe there is something beneficial in having needles put into the forehead muscles that helps to cut down on the number of headaches. A good study would be to look at the effect of Topiramate versus injections with salt water or just using acupuncture needles at trigger points on the head. There are preventative medications used for unusual headaches like cluster headaches but that will not be covered in this article.A  The focus here will be on prevention of migraine and tension type headaches. A The goal of the study is to figure out what percentage of people taking the medication are actually helped---meaning how many people met the goal. A combination of riboflavin, magnesium, and feverfew for migraine prophylaxis: a randomized trial.

Botulinum toxin type A for the prophylactic treatment of chronic daily headache: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Acupuncture in migraine prevention: a randomized sham controlled study with 6-months post-treatment follow-up. This type of headache pattern is called either chronic daily headache or chronic daily migraine.A  As you might expect, the episodic pattern responds better to the medications than does the more chronic daily form. A He has about a 50% chance that Drug A will give him some benefit after taking it for one to three months.

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