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What began as a sideline business selling polished metal mirrors to pilgrims in Germany (to capture holy light) evolved into an enterprise that altered the course of art, religion, politics and industry: Johannes Gutenberga€™s movable type and printing press. We judge ourselves by our noblest acts and best intentions, but we are judged by our last worst act. There are 10,000 species of ants, and for several million years they have coved the earth, except Antarctica [no pun intended]. Credit has existed globally since the early days of trading and mercantilism, but it wasna€™t until the 1920s that oil companies issued a physical card to repeat customers who purchased fuel for their new-fangled automobiles.
Therea€™s nothing so hollow as the laugh of the person who intended to tell the story himself.
CHALLENGE #111: Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)? English belongs to the very large Indo-European language family [Germanic, Baltic, Slavic, Celtic, Latin, Hellenic, Iranian, Sanskrit et alia, which led to Polish, Welsh, French, Greek, Kurdish, Punjabi, and English, to name a few].
The real test of character comes when doing the right thing may not be in our self-interest.
In the past 5,000 years the human genetic code changed 100 times faster than it had in any prevous period.
In the 1880s, Samuel Augustus Maverick was a Texas cattleman who refused to brand his cattle, seeing it as cruel. CHALLENGE #111 was: Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)? Researchers gave cash to experimental subjects who were instructed either to spend it on themselves or on others.
BIG Q #26: Pericles argued in his Funeral Oration that democracy stimulates excellence because all citizens are stakeholders with public responsibilities. When intensive-care units at Michigan hospitals followed a 5-step checklist for how to insert intravenous lines in patients, infections were virtually eliminated, saving the hospitals $175 million over 18 months.
The peace symbol began as the emblem of the British anti-nuclear movement 50 years ago on Good Friday: a combination of the semaphore positions for N and D [Nuclear Disarmament] within a circle [the earth].
CHALLENGE #114: He was a fighter who was obsessed with boxing and he abused drink and drugs. BIG Q #27: Since poverty is deeper among children than the elderly, why does public spending on the elderly vastly outstrip spending on the young? E-mail and Web searches consume 1.5% of the nationa€™s electricity last year, and if current trends continue, by 2010 the power bill to run a computer over its lifetime will surpass the cost of buying the machine. Biologically speaking, humans have changed little in the 100,000 years [or 3,000 generations] since modern humans emerged on the African savanna--not enough time for serious adjustments.
Rembrandt was a master of chiaroscuro (kee-ahr-uh-SKYOOR-oh), the use of contrasts of light and shade to enhance the depiction of character and for general dramatic effect.
CHALLENGE #114 was: He was a fighter who was obsessed with boxing and he abused drink and drugs. CHALLENGE #115: What proportion of the cells in your body are not actually yours but belong to foreign organisms? BIG Q #28: Why do girls, on average, lead boys for all their years in school, only to fall behind in the workplace? Only 11% of CEOs of top 500 companies have an Ivy League degree, but 20% of the top 60 women in Forbes a€?most powerful womena€? list did. The hormone oxytocin is naturally released in brain after a 20-second hug from a partner, triggering the braina€™s trust circuits. CHALLENGE #115 was: What proportion of the cells in your body are not actually yours but belong to foreign organisms? CHALLENGE #116: A westerner and an easterner who each changed the world, but didna€™t want their names used to identify a religion--to no avail. Featured Quote: a€?The truth of the matter,a€? is that a€?we havena€™t sacrificed one darn bit in this war, not one.
BIG Q #29: Why are the most powerful people in the world old white men and pretty young women?
When lima bean plants are attacked by spider mites, they release volatile chemicals that summon another species of mites to attack the spider mites. Funeral directors promote embalming: replacing body fluids with formaldehyde, a carcinogen that eventually leaches into the environment when the buried body decays [800,000 gallons annually]. In 2001, President Bush exempted some 3,500 plants that spew toxic chemicals from the Right-To-Know law. Consultants get paid up to $500,000 to name a drug, and insist that letters are imbued with psychological meaning: P, T, and K, they claim, convey effectiveness. CHALLENGE #116 was: A westerner and an easterner who each changed the world, but didna€™t want their names used to identify a religion--to no avail. CHALLENGE #117: His father a€?bluffeda€? his way into law school using a faked transcript, and went on to finish first in his class and become a successful labor lawyer.
Spoken language is instinctual, the brain collects the phonemes and abstracts the rules from what it hears, but written language must be taught. Busha€™s tax cuts for the rich have reduced annual tax revenue avaiable for public needs by $300 Billion each year. CHALLENGE #117 was: His father a€?bluffeda€? his way into law school using a faked transcript, and went on to finish first in his class and become a successful labor lawyer. FACTOID: Unusual English spelling shows the way the words were pronounced 100s of years ago.
Chinoiserie (sheen-WAH-zuh-ree) is a style of ornamentation using motifs identified as Chinese. CHALLENGE # 118 was: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? CHALLENGE #119: Which a€?booka€™ won the Pulitzer Prize for literature and drama, in successive years? Since getting married almost a year ago, comedian Brydie Lee-Kennedy has endured many terrible questions about her life as a married woman. On the 15th May, I will have been married for one year and, honestly, I’m as surprised as anyone by this remarkable turn of events.
I kept our “engagement” (if I can call it that given it was more of a mutual agreement confirmed over iMessage) a secret from everyone apart from my family and closest friends. But the main reason I didn’t announce my intention to marry to the world at large is because people would ask questions.
Here is a brief selection of the inane questions I’ve been asked in my first year as a Wife (the capital W on “Wife” is needed to show my elevated status as a woman. My parents are currently on holiday in Cuba and both of my brothers have toddlers so, nah, I think they’re pretty happy having saved that particular bundle of cash. Things that scare me, in no particular order: snakes, the housing market, the scoring dominance of the Golden State Warriors, the idea that my cat might learn to open doors and become the default ruler of the household. I wore a red dress with a blue, green and yellow pattern on it and it was pretty nice and also comfy, which is really all I want out of special occasion outfits.
I Just Mean, Won’t It Be Confusing For Them To Have A Different Name To One Or Both Of Their Parents? Ugh, please everyone stop asking this, it’s flattering but it is currently illegal for me to collect extra spouses. Beyonce has become one in a long line of women to turn lemons (bad experiences with romantic partners) into lemonade (wonderful artistic expression). Waleed Aly won the Gold Logie, which has led people like Andrew Bolt to claim that everyone should drop the idea of racism still existing in Australian entertainment.
Turnbull Takes Shelter From Woman's Opinions In Men's Only Club Axis of Awesome address one of their members transitioning in the best possible way Outrage As Man Pays No Tax Like He’s Some Kind Of Corporation. Comedian and SBS dating advice expert, Brydie Lee-Kennedy, gives you a guide to threesomes for the fundamentally lazy.

Movie synopses' often make big claims about their films but is that always what you end up seeing? Despite opposition from expert economists, scientists and even the United Nations (you know, of the whole world) Tony Abbott is still trying to go his own way. Remember the brass band scene in '10 things I Hate About You'?, The dognap in 'Ace Ventura'? Did Australia and Dami Im make it through Semi Final 2 for a Eurovision Grand Final finish?
It seems like you can't turn around these days without seeing another award for, reference to, joke about or thinkpiece examining Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton. The new musical about America's "ten dollar founding father" has struck a chord with audiences who are taken with the way it reimagines America's founding, retelling the story with a hip-hop score and diverse casting.
But while Hamilton may be the talk of the town, it's also far from the only show this season that emphasizes the diversity of contemporary America. Of the 15 new musicals that premiered between the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016, 11 feature cast members of color.
And racial diversity isn’t the only sort on display: Michael Arden’s revival of the musical Spring Awakening, which included several deaf cast members, was bilingual, performed in both English and American Sign Language. All of which prompts a simple question: What does New York theater have that Hollywood is missing?
Miles was also the first actress of Asian descent to win the Featured Actress Tony Award -- and while her show won Best Revival and Best Musical went to the LGBTQ family drama Fun Home, the majority of the competition for those productions were shows that focused on a mainstream white experience. Allegiance, which closed on Broadway in February, told the fictional tale of a Japanese-American family placed in an internment camp during World War II. Even more importantly, these shows avoid many of the stereotypes often found in minority-focused stories. And even less obviously groundbreaking shows like American Psycho, Disaster!, and Tuck Everlasting have diverse cast members within their vastly differing settings -- a surreal ‘80s murder fest, a cruise ship jukebox farce, and a beautiful, book-based coming-of-age parable. Brandon Victor Dixon, who starred in the original Broadway production of The Color Purple 10 years ago and is now a lead in Shuffle Along, talked to Mashable about working in engaging shows that focus on black protagonists. Actors and stories from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds aren’t the only ones getting new opportunities.
This season's revival of Spring Awakening was first produced in LA by Deaf West, a Hollywood-based theater company that puts on shows for and made by the deaf community. The show's limited run ended in January -- but time has only increased Stroker's appreciation for that show and the opportunity it represented. Though the show extended its initial limited run and received both positive reviews and awards, the accessibility onstage didn’t always translate to the physical Broadway theaters.
On one hand, Stroker’s casting meant that for the first time, the backstage of a theater had to be made 100% accessible. While things are getting better, Broadway theaters are very old, which means they’re also small -- with limited accessible seats, many stairs, and few 100% accessible bathrooms. Emilio, who was born in Cuba and still speaks with a thick Cuban accent, angrily tells the man about the racism -- like “No Dogs or Cubans” signs -- he faced when he came to Miami as a child. As Leung explains, "The point that we were trying to make with Allegiance is that America also looks like us. While other shows aren’t telling stories about family, they are telling equally important stories about our shared history. Every year since 2010 we have invited teenagers to add The New York Times to their summer reading lists, and so far more than 20,000 have.
As we head into a season that will feature the July Republican and Democratic national conventions, as well as the August Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, invite your students to engage with the current events of their choice via our easy weekly contest. Anyone 13 to 19 years old from anywhere in the world can post an answer any week until Friday, Aug.
Every Tuesday starting July 5 we will announce winners from a previous week and publish their writing on the blog. We are honoring each of the Top 10 winners of our Third Annual Student Editorial Contest by publishing an essay a day. How well does your school do at teaching you practical skills you’ll need in a future job or career? PhotoEven prisons are subject to Norway’s requirement that every building receiving public money have some sort of public art. This piece, inspired by The Times’s Room for Debate feature, was written by three members of our spring Student Council. Students might read the arguments and answer some of the discussion questions, and then, using the piece as a model and the related resources for additional ideas, create their own Room for Debate-style projects on issues that concern them. PhotoNew York City held its first Disability Pride Parade in July 2015 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act. PhotoSupporters of Hillary Clinton at a rally at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire in January. As the Democratic National Convention approaches, more and more media outlets describe Hillary Clinton as the likely nominee.
The word morose has appeared in 47 New York Times articles in the past year, including on Jan.
The Learning Network provides daily resources for teaching and learning with The New York Times, including lesson plans, questions for writing and discussion, quizzes, monthly contests and more. Editor Katherine Schulten has worked in education for over 25 years as a teacher, school newspaper adviser, literacy consultant, curriculum writer and editor. Deputy Editor Michael Gonchar began his career as a humanities teacher, then worked for 10 years as a school and instructional coach specializing in helping to open and guide new small schools. In the better sets, the traditional flaws of plasma (burn-in) and LCD (limited viewing angle, weak blacks, weak fast motion) have been largely eliminated. In 1958, Dinera€™s Club launched the first card available for payment to general merchants: 27 participating NYC restaurants. Kugel, an Orthodox Jew and author of a€?How to Read the Biblea€? says that there is essentially no evidence--archaeological, historical, cultural--for the events in the Torah. Koerner which he said depicts: a€?a horseman determinedly charging up what appears to be a steep and rough traila€?--representing his own political journey against steep odds and naysayers. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all; they decided 1 had to leave, or all would fall. According to the Energy Department, vampire gadgets account for about 25% of total residential electricity consumption in the U.S.
Guppy submitted a fish to the British Museum that was already classified, but the name stuck [and the fish is still in a jar at the museum]. My partner and I were already entirely committed to each other but in order to continue living in the same country (which is important to us- we’re kooky that way), we needed to lock shiz down legally.
There were a couple of reasons for this, starting with the fact that there wasn’t a ring so I wasn’t sure how to present it on Instagram. And when people ask questions about weddings or marriage, they usually do so out of a passive aggressive need to let you know that they think you’re doing something (or everything) wrong. I achieved the greatest thing any woman can the second I signed my name on a piece of paper in a messy council office on Kefalonia while a cigarette burned delicately in an ashtray right next to my head). Things that inspire no fear in me whatsoever: the colour of a dress (unless that colour is beige because there’s a chance the boredom might kill me). There was also a chance that I would get my period on the day (it has a tendency to arrive at inopportune moments), so actually white would have been the bolder choice. Also, wow, this is the most rude question you can ever ask someone, please cease and desist forever. Apologies to the women I have slept with in the past- you were clearly a mistake and, despite evidence to the contrary, I hated every second of it.
Atopic eczema is the commonly seen and is caused due to hypersensitivity in the skin which leads to inflammation in the skin for a long time.

The show has been lauded for choosing nonwhite actors for its lead roles, giving us a black George Washington and an America that looks less like 1776 (or 1776) and more like today. This year’s crop of straight plays includes Eclipsed, the first play to feature a cast and creative team made up entirely of women -- in this case, black women. Plenty of shows with diverse casts and stories have popped up on Broadway before -- many of which have had a profound effect on the industry, like Rent and A Chorus Line.
Look at 2015’s Tony awards: Only one actor of color won an award that year, Ruthie Ann Miles from The King and I. Much like this season's poster child, Hamilton, the casts of new productions including On Your Feet!, Allegiance, and Shuffle Along are almost entirely comprised of actors of color, giving voice to underrepresented stories. It was based on the experiences of over 100,000 real life Americans, including star George Takei and the family of the show's director, Stafford Arima. Broadway’s current revival of The Color Purple brings a powerful story of sisterhood and life for poor black families back to the stage. But the more they're seen, the more audiences will realize that “these characters and stories are just as definitive and dynamic an exploration of who we are” as more traditional shows -- the kind that present white experiences as universal. Performers with disabilities and different physical abilities are finally getting their shot too. But beyond its deaf cast members, this take on Spring Awakening also featured the first performer on Broadway who uses a wheelchair: actress Ali Stroker. Theaters are making themselves more accessible, and The Broadway League and the Theatre Development Fund even started an initiative to increase the speed of progress. Shuffle Along, about the making of the 1921 musical of the same name, teaches audiences about a show that originally featured an all-black cast and creative team. The original Shuffle Along also had an enormous impact on theater more generally, says star Brandon Victor Dixon.
But this summer teachers and students alike may feel that keeping up with the news is more critical than ever.
26, and contestants can choose from any Times article, essay, video, interactive or photograph published in 2016, on any topic they like.
I woke up with stained sheets and a feeling of humiliation in my stomach; the night before, I had, embarrassingly enough, put a pad on the wrong way. He would like to apply for a management position at the restaurant he works for, but college experience is required.
Here, a mural by the pseudonymous graffiti artist Dolk in an exercise yard at Halden Fengsel.
A hostess sets down thick, leather menus in one, two, three places before proceeding to drop a flimsy half-piece of paper in front of my brother.
In it, she works with our familiar Student Opinion format, but also interviews young women to raise questions that go beyond the scope of one article. However, they have also highlighted the disparity between young female voters, who flock to Bernie Sanders, and older women, who lean toward Clinton. How should political and ideological disagreements in the ranks of feminists be handled publicly?
We'll get to know your business, and tailor a package of foreign exchange products to help you. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. No man spoke, but the woman said she would voluntarily let go of the rope, because, as a woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband, kids and men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices with little in return. A picture of my bare finger with a caption reading “SOON” seemed like more of a threat than anything else so I steered entirely clear of social media announcements.
Unfortunately, eloping only saved me from that passive aggression for a blissful couple of months. But here’s the thing: my mum didn’t change her name and she and my dad are still together after 45 years and I have never, not once, not even when I was really really tired, forgotten that she is my mother and he is my father. But if you insist- my husband and I currently live with a flatmate and I reckon she’d be pretty annoyed if we set up a cot in the living room so nope, no immediate plans.
In fact, I am legally no longer allowed to find anyone apart from my husband attractive, of any gender. And of the 16 returning shows running this season, eight feature diverse casts and stories -- ones that don’t just focus on white people and their problems -- while six more boast non-white cast members. While musicals such as West Side Story or In The Heights show Latino characters who face typical struggles -- violence, poverty -- On Your Feet goes in a different direction.
School of Rock, based on the hit Jack Black film, showcases not just talented young white musicians, but Asian, black and Latino children as well. Similarly, shows that showcase diverse stories and casts are being recognized and lauded, with things like the Stage Directors Union’s recent “Diversity and Inclusion Statement of Commitment” -- their statement and plan to dedicate themselves to diversity and inclusion moving forward. I relied on the Internet to fix my mistakes, for I was far too ashamed to ask my mom for help or consult her in any way.
Strong ideological disagreements between generations of women have brought new questions forth on the changing definition of feminism. Compare Holiday Money is a fast, free travel money comparison site helping you find the best currency exchange rates available online today. So, plasma has truer color and does better in darker rooms, and LCD has more vivid color and does better in bright rooms. It was very sunny and cheap as hell and the communist deputy mayor who officiated for us spoke no English but did smell reassuringly like the ocean so was, overall, a plus.
On the day of the wedding, my now father-in-law jokingly asked my father if he was disappointed that I didn’t wear white. Sexuality stops mattering when you get married because every other human on earth turns into an amorphous blob, with the only clearly defined features appearing on your partner’s face and body. Waitress, based on the 2007 movie, is the first ever musical with an all-female creative team. I had suffered through Human Interaction like the rest of my peers, but it proved inadequate in the face of my anxiety and intense mortification.
Choose from over 45 currencies below to see our current UK exchange rates, look at how they've been performing and pick the best time to buy your foreign. Shuffle Along is both a revival and a reimagining of the first musical with an entirely black creative team, which was originally staged in 1921.
And it was the first to introduce rhythmic syncopation, a musical technique in which different rhythms are combined in an unexpected way to make a more unique sound.
Periods have always been a cringeworthy topic — it would take me years before I could comfortably discuss them with my female friends, and years more for me to casually mention them to my male ones. But, therea€™s no such thing as a 1080p TV broadcast (cable, satellite, anything), and wona€™t be for years. Actually, it was an illustration for a Saturday Evening Post short story, a€?The Slipper Tongue,a€? about a slick-tongued horse thief fleeing a lynch mob. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.
Athens, to honor god of wine & drama, Dionysus [Baccus], where comic actors wore padded phalluses as part of their costumes. Foreign Currency from Post Office Money is available with great rates online, with free delivery, or just in one of our 11500 branches.

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