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Ear barotrauma is damage caused to the ear by pressure differences on each side of the eardrum; this usually happens during activities like diving or air travel.
If youa€™ve ever flown on an airplane or suffered from swimmera€™s ear, youa€™ve probably noticed that our ears are particularly sensitive to things like changes in pressure and moisture.
People react differently to water in the ear, with responses ranging from irritation, discomfort, or a sensation that the ear is a€?blockeda€? for some people, to sharp pain for others. You can also help avoid swimmera€™s ear by drying your ears carefully after going swimming or taking part in any other water activitya€”which includes tilting your head to one side to remove any water in your ear canal.
To equalize the pressure on both sides of your eardrum : – Hold your nose, close your mouth, and blow! If you’re not used to securing your bunny, have someone help you, and stay very low to the ground just in case your bunny wiggles free. Trancing - I am not a huge fan of this because though it looks like your bunny is relaxed, this is actually a prey response to stress. UPDATE: We found a great video that helps people trim their bunny's nails in a way that keeps their rabbit calm. Rexes have a tendency for sore hocks because the fur on their feet is thinner than other breeds. It might be hard to believe, but cat ears contain over two dozen muscles, enabling them to do an Exorcist-like 180-degree swivel forward, backward, up and down. The Alert and Interested Cat – When your cat is alert and something has captured her interest, her ears will assume a straight-up orientation, and a forward posture as in Figure 2 (see chart). Attack Mode – When the ears flatten against the head in a defensive position as in Figure 4, your cat is frightened and may attack. Your cat’s tail is like a big old apostrophe at the end of her body that puts a fine point on affection, aggression, fear and happiness.
You also don’t want to mess with your cat when her tail is in a position of defensive aggression.
A happy cat holds her tail high, and if she greets you at the door with her tail quivering, she’s happy to see you. Pouring olive, mineral or baby oil into the ear is an effective remedy that causes the insect to float its way out. If your Bostons ears are not up by 4 months of age, they must be taped to strengthen the ear so they will stand up on their own eventually. I have used many different methods over the years, and I continue to keep finding better ways to do the job. Buy the kind of tape as shown in the photo, it is called Medipore-H Soft Cloth Medical Tape made by 3M and I get the 1 inch size. If you have a small moustache trimmer or other hair clipper, trim away any excess hair on the INSIDE of the ear around the area you will be taping if there is any. Another method you can use WITH CARE AND SUPERVISION is the Breathe Right nasal strip method. The finished job is seen in the color picture below of my sweet Bianca when she was a baby :-) I remember I was still taping her ears when she went to her first show at 8 months old. In my opinion, there are only a couple of vets who can crop Boston Terrier ears successfully.

In the picture below, note good anesthesia and monitoring protocols being used by an experienced vet. It takes 1 month for the ears to fully heal, but the best cropper's can do ears so that they are almost fully healed in 10 days. Photos below shows how things can go bad after cropping if they break open, bleed and you run for some yellow Quick-Stop powder to try and stop the bleeding.
If you are careful not to let the dog near other dogs and keep the Elizabethan collar on for 2 weeks straight, you shouldn't have any bleeding disasters.
I strive to breed for small ears that do not need to be cropped, but every once in a while it needs to be done. Yes, I do like the way a good cropped ear looks, but "good cropped ears" are very few and far between these days, as most all of the "master croppers" are long gone, and it is now what I consider to be almost a lost art. Whata€™s more, water that remains lodged in the ear canal can lead to inflammation or infection (otitis externa, or swimmer’s ear).
But when the pressure in our environment changes significantlya€”like when we fly in an airplane or go divinga€”the pressure on the outside of the eardrum is no longer the same as that on the inside.
Most bunnies with upright ears can keep their ears clean, and especially if you have two rabbits, they clean each other’s. If it's green and dusty, then you may need to shake out your hay a little and sift your rabbit's pellets to get all the millings and powder out. They are pretty well hidden, but once you’ve found them, you gently open and “WHEW Stinky!” – But don't worry, the smell quickly disappears.
You'll soon find that some bunnies build up a waxy substance very quickly while others only need cleaning a few times a year. Although they pan around like radar dishes scanning for sounds, they’re not just for hearing.
She instinctively keeps her ears flat against her head in attack mode to protect her ears from claws and teeth during a fight. When they’re in different positions, the cat is ambivalent and unsure of how to respond. One of the most primal tail movements is the violent back-and-forth swish, sometimes called a Sword Tail. You don’t want to pick up the aggressor at this point, but a few squirts with a squirt gun can persuade him to beat a retreat.
There’s poetry in the way a contented cat will artfully wrap her tail around her, or in the way a Balinese will proudly strut her tail like a flame behind her.
Scholl's Molefoam (sticky backed felt pads for the inside of shoes) and cut a piece similar to the piece shown in the photo below (pale tan insert).
The condition may be aggravated by earwax blockage in the ear canal or mucus build-up in the Eustachian tube. One way to help prevent this is to make sure you dona€™t remove the naturally-occurring layer of protective earwax in your ear canal.
This pressure difference is eventually regulated by the Eustachian tube, a sort of air canal that links the middle ear to the back of the throat.
Cuts and scratches can turn into abscesses so be sure that cuts are cleaned and check frequently.

If you notice that your cat’s ear are maintaining a horizontal orientation on a regular basis, she could have an ear infection or ear mites, and a trip to the vet is warranted.
This indicates that something has attracted her attention, and she is very nervous, defensive, and unsure of her surroundings. If there is a lot of gunk, it could mean several things, including mites or infection - both which should be seen by a vet. So we suggest you refrain from cleaning your ear canals for at least two days before you plan to be in the water.
They recommend staying away from cotton swabs, matchsticks and any other household item that is used for digging into the ear. These items will only push the bug further into the ear, which can cause damage to the fragile middle ear. When a bug bites someone it injects its saliva into the skin and the reaction in the body's immune system can result in an itchy bump. Normally bedbug bites occur on the face and neck area as well as the arms and hands, according to Mayo Clinic. Rip off 3 segments of the tape and sandwich them on top of one another so your tape is 3 layers thick.
Most treatment options look at improving the look of the scar; no treatment can currently remove scars altogether.
This tube opens and closes to allow the pressure to equalize between the outside air and the space behind the eardrum. The air pressure is changing quickly in this case so your Eustachian tube has to work extra hard to equalize the pressure behind your eardrum.If your Eustachian tube is not working properly, then your ear will start to feel plugged up and it will begin to affect your hearing. Remember that after a few days the ear will begin to secrete natural oils which will cause the tape to stop adhering to the ear. One of the common traits of Meniere’s Disease is a change in hearing, usually in one ear. This change in hearing will most likely last days rather than minutes or hours.Exposure to Loud NoiseIf you have been around a very loud noise for any period of time, you may notice a temporary change in hearing.
It occurs when your ears are exposed to loud sounds, such as a concert, gunfire, or loud machinery, to name a few.
Once your ear starts to recover from this loud noise exposure you will notice a gradual return in hearing.Wax In Your EarsWax build-up in your ears can cause hearing loss.
Most likely this will be a constant hearing loss until the wax is removed, but in some cases it may cause your hearing to go in and out.Your ear canal changes shape when you open your jaw such as when chewing or yawning. This may cause a change in hearing.If you are experiencing a change in hearing, or your hearing keeps going in and out, it is important that you see an ENT physician or an Audiologist to be evaluated.

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