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I put the 6802 IC in the new socket and tested the game and so far sound has been working just fine!Comments:No comments have yet been made. Stefanie wears riding breeches, a light blue polo shirt, brown down jacket and Cavallo riding boots.
Chia continues by getting wet from the bottom to the top and she enjoys the warm water on her skin. Her jeans continue to get soaking wet and her top starts to get shiny under a coat of warm water from the shower nozzle.

Also the stockings are wet and shiny and she dives her legs with the high-heels slowly into the water.
At the pool edge she uses the steep ladder and coming directly out of the water, her clothes are soaking wet and dripping. In between there are some nice scenes of Stefanie swimming without her boots (only with her knee-socks).
Later she takes off her down jacket and boots again and slowly pours the water from her boots over her polo shirt.

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