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Come in for a free hearing evaluation and receive a FREEcaption call phone (restrictions apply). What do you think about purchasing a customized health care device, such as glasses or hearing aids, over the counter at a drug store? This device is available on the market, but is not fully supported by the FDA, who advises anyone suspecting a hearing loss to seek a professional evaluation. Study conducted by UCLA Sleep Disorder Center concludes impact to brain function from sleep apnea.
Unitron hearing aids are unique in design, and feature the smallest micro CIC. Our hearing aid prices are reflective of the level of technology inside the hearing aid, not the style or shape of the hearing aid. If you would like a quote on a specific Unitron hearing aid, please contact us on (08) 9330 7005 and we are more then happy to provide this for you over the phone.
The Unitron Latitude provides a broad range of features and outstanding performance across all levels.
The Latitude 4 is an entry-level hearing aid that allows you to match your individual settings to your listening activity.
This is a mid-level hearing aid that offers distinct sound quality and comfort when listening. The Latitude 16 is a premium level hearing aid that offers breakthrough technology to provide effective listening in all situations as well as the unique binaural phone feature, which allows you to hear your phone through your hearing aids with no extra accessories required. The Unitron Moxi is a small, intelligent and stylish hearing aid that also allows you to enjoy the speech you want to hear as well as allowing you to hear sounds more naturally. Moxi 6 is a entry to mid-level hearing aid packed with features that optimise natural sound balance and wireless capabilities. It is an incredibly comfortable hearing aid that has an open fit to allow your ear canal to stay open. The Quantum 6, 12 and 20 range of hearing aids allow you to hear conversations in difficult listening environments with mush ease.
Unitron Passport is a premium hearing instrument that features the most advanced technology in hearing aids. AutoPro: an advancement which allows seamless integration between four distinct listening environments to provide you with optimal listening and understanding. Feedback Management System: Contains the most advanced management system to safeguard you against feedback and provide you with more usable gain.
TestimonialsSince wearing the hearing aids I am able to hear sounds which I was previously unaware of.

The Mechanics of the Ear: How Hearing WorksHaving a basic understanding of how hearing works can make treating hearing loss a less stressful process. Though hearing loss affects nearly 48 million Americans, there are often options for treatment. For these and other reasons, you must find ear plugs that are safe, moldable to the outside of the ear and capable of staying in place. To help parents, HEAROS offers a patented silicone product that has been used to protect babies ears in loud or wet environments. These special baby ear plugs are also advantageous considering they are waterproof and float. In fact, a large number of respondents described noisy feedback and a general lack of clarity for any useful sounds.
Fitting a hearing loss with such an over-the-counter product is similar to fitting a prosthetic limb with a two-by-four, or using the bottom of a soda bottle to make eyeglasses. Unitron boasts an ongoing commitment to make the latest advancements in hearing aids available to all, regardless of budget, lifestyle and hearing loss. Most levels of hearing aid technology are available in a variety of shapes and styles, including behind the ear (BTE), and discreet (CIC, micro CIC). The Latitude is available in 3 classes providing a solution for every budget and lifestyle. It also includes premium features and wireless technology which allows you to connect your hearing aids to you phone, TV and other communication devices. It gives you clear and effortless listening in all environments and allows you to hear speech best in noisy environments.
All models also feature wireless capability and signature antishock features, which eliminate discomfort from sudden noises. This hearing aid allows automatic listening and optimal speech clarity in 2 common environments. It has 12 channels and allows automatic listening and optimal speech clarity in 3 common environments.
It features 20 channels and allows automatic listening and optimal speech clarity in 4 common environments. Now available in the above discreet size, this hearing aid offers all the features of hearing aids twice its size.

Look for a hearing care provider or audiologist who offers workshops, educational resources, or uses tools that provide the patient clarity and control over the quality of their care. The HEAROS Ear Plug Learning Center was developed to help you better understand those benefits and the reasons why ear plugs are so important noise reduction, hearing protection and anatomical water damage.
You must consider that babies and infants have smaller ears and ear tissue that is very sensitive -- which is why some suggest earplugs should never be positioned within a babies ear canal. So, if your baby is playing in a pool or having fun at the beach or bath, HEAROS Multi-Use Silicone ear plugs could help your baby and you!
While some individuals have experienced low level satisfaction with this product, it is unclear what impact use of such a crude piece of equipment would have on progression of the hearing loss, especially since a professional is not involved, it is possible that 30 times amplification could exceed dangerous loudness levels and cause further hearing damage to the user.  Please, be careful and consider visiting a hearing health professional rather than resorting to an over-the-counter hearing device! This feature recognizes your preferred settings over time and learns to automatically apply them when you encounter similar situations. It also includes many signature features that ad to the exceptional experience and performance of this hearing aid.
They also feature DuoLink which enables your hearing aids to communicate and binaurally synchronize volume adjustments.
It also gradually learns listening preferences in common situations and remembers to automatically apply them. So, if you enter a noisy environment that requires hearing protection, it makes a whole of sense that your infant also requires hearing protection. Furthermore, baby ear plugs that are not properly fit could become a deadly choking hazard.
The Quantum 12 also allows you to control the SmartFocus feature which enables you to fine-tune the clarity and comfort of your hearing aid. This feature allows the hearing aid to recreate your ear’s acoustics for more natural sound directionality. This feature means your hearing can instantly be taught your preferred settings at the click of a button on the Smart Control remote.

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