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Watching a LKFFCT (pronounced Lake Effect) show is like stumbling upon a rowdy party amongst old friends. From the opening riff of “Television” to the psychedelic jangle of “Phantom Tennis Balls,” their tunes could pass as a greatest-hits collection from an alternate alternative universe.
Bassist Brian Legentil is a human pinball as he bounces around the stage, knocking in to everything within reach.

Williams’ “Jungle Sweet” gently sings about bad habits whereas Rauch’s “I Like You (A Lot)” takes the piss out of slackerdom while simultaneously creating an anthem that bong resin stained Millennials have been waiting for. Filled out by drummer Ryan Baredes, the music has the lo-fi pop sensibilities of Guided By Voices with the reserved, understated, and foggy delivery of bands like Real Estate or The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

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